Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogger Love

It's like Otter Love, but less furry.

If you don't have children, or have been unlucky enough to never have watched Bear in the Big Blue House, I beg you to click on that video.  Seriously.  This is best children's show in the history of kid's shows, and this song?  Is why.

But I digress.

The lovely and talented Magnolia has selected me [among others, but, you know, I'm sure I was the favorite] to give seven random facts about myself.

Because I am all about random.

Here we go:

1.  One of the first things the husband gave me was a cassette [a cassette!] of Ice Cube's The Predator. I loved it and listened to it constantly.  Wicked is our song.

Not to be confused with either the Wicked soundtrack OR any of Ice Cube's later works, like Are We There Yet?

2. I loathe the use of / taste of dill in anything but dill pickles, and even then, they have to be the right kind of dill pickles - not too dilly.  Ugh.  I just made myself shudder.

3.  I am not a car person. 

4.  I love red and black plaid skirts.  At one point in my life, I had 7 of them.  All different, but all red and black plaid. 

5.  My favorite treat is cheesecake.  Kind of sweet but tangy.  WAIT!  OOOOH.  Popcorn.  Hot, home popped, buttery, salty popcorn. I have no control when it comes to that stuff.

6.  I have a lot of postcards, and at one point even purchased postcard stamps, but have yet to send them out to people.  I should start doing that.  Do you want a postcard?

7.  I am not pleased with this aspect of my personality, but I am so judgmental about people's misuse of grammar, that even when they are writing something emotional or super personal & raw, I still judge.  I'm probably going to hell.


  1. HeeHee! And I thought I was the only lost lone soul on the planet that still loved Ice Cube.

    Oh, and woe to me and number 7. When I read a 5 page letter from an old boyfriend telling me how I was making a mistake breaking up with him, I just kept shaking my head going, "tsk.tsk. it's prAy not prEy."

    Yeah, so move over in that handbasket.

  2. one of my favorite things to say after i've had a particularly satisfying day out in the world is, "you know, i didn't even have to use my AK." early-90s ice cube. love.

  3. I'll see you in hell, honey. it'll be a blast!

  4. Words cannot express the depth of my love for Bear and Mojo and the rest. Love love love that show, and my youngest is now 8 and wouldn't be caught dead.

    Best kids' music around (excepting maybe Tom Chapin) -- and I still have it on my iPod.

    I too am a grammar snob. I can't help it. So I got a BS in Linguistics to make it more official-y. (And I like to make up words.)

    Do you think we can have a private room in Hell?

  5. I just keep thinking, "What's the dilly, yo?" And because I love grammar as much as you do, I'm wondering whether I've probably punctuated that.

  6. A partial response to your list:

    4. I only have one red and black plaid skirt, but I'm also all about it. It makes me feel like a hunter without all the animal blood shed.

    5. Hells yeah to cheesecake.

    6. I'm all about the postcard, so I would love a postcard from you!

  7. "Walking in my big black boots..." i love ice cube. especially as Doughboy in Boys in the Hood.


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