Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Talk About Fun Stuff

I am generally not a TV watcher.  Even during the STUPIDLY COLD WINTER CRAZY WEATHER WE ARE HAVING OH MY GOD, MOTHER NATURE AND GLOBAL WARMING STOP HAVING A CHICKEN FIGHT FOR MY VERY SOUL.  Anyway, I watch very little tv, but there are some shows I think you need to start watching, because I like you, and I want to talk to you about them:

Cougar Town.  Oh, I know, I know.  Dumbest title in the history of titles.  And I get that maybe Courtney Cox on a tv show makes you think Friends, and you've seen it all.  BUT!  BUT!  Watch this show, because it is hilarious.  Smartly hilarious.  Seriously.  Smart, witty banter about a grown up group of friends who aren't evil or hateful or solving crimes in their spare time.  It's great!  Courtney Cox has a giant wine glass she had a funeral for when it broke.  This is genius.

Community.  Are you watching this?  WHY NOT?  It's about a douchey lawyer who has to go back to college because he lied about graduating.  It's great.  Also smart and funny.  And Troy and Abed are the most amazing couple on tv since Bert and Ernie.  [Their version of Bert and Ernie is brilliant. (YouTube)]

Raising Hope.  This is another comedy that I love.  A guy has a one night stand with a serial killer, whom he impregnates.  She is tried, found guilty, and gets the chair.  He gets their kid [originally named Princess Beyonce; yes, they are white] and decides to raise her with help/hindrance from his parents and great-grandma [the brilliant Chloris Leachman, who would give Betty White a run for her money.].  Again, really smart, really funny.

Please watch these shows so I can talk about them with someone during this new Ice Age! What do you recommend?  I'll watch if you will.


  1. The Detroit 187 guys are going to be filming at my museum soon. I don't watch TV much, but I'll watch that!

  2. i would like cougar town SO much more if they spent more time on the son and his father. they crack me up. also, it's tragic how much plastic surgery christa miller has had. if you look at her now, then go back and look at "the drew carey show," it's totally heartbreaking.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Cougar Town on some other channel than whatever it's on now. But then I didn't have access to local channels for a long time (ABC, CBS, etc) but now I have them again and I toatlly want to watch it! I loved the few episodes that I watched at the beginning. What channel/night is it on?

    I hadn't heard of the other two until now. They sound good! I'll have to see if I can sneak them into my tv time when my husband isn't watching some documentary on how to find gold.....

  4. so I love Cougar Town, but it's not for Courtney Cox. in fact, I kind of despise her character on that show. I love it for Ellie. Ellie is my hero. I want to be her when I grow up. she's the best part of that show.

    also love Raising Hope. love every little bit of it!

  5. Unimitigated - Oooh, that should be fun! I'll have to be sure to watch that one.

    Magnolia - I KNOW! I've loved Christa Miller on Scrubs and it pains me to watch her face just . . . distort through the seasons. She looks better, now, but not as gorgeous as she was without it.

    Heather - I watch everything on Hulu, so I'm not sure what nights/channels things are on. I think the shows are on Wednesday & Thursday nights, and they are on the regular channels. I'd recommend Hulu. It's so much easier.

    Andygirl - LOVE ELLIE! She rocks. And everyone on Raising Hope kills me.

  6. I watch Community, but can't do Cougar Town anymore. Have you see Episodes on Showtime? Very funny.

  7. You have to watch Modern Family, so we can talk about it.

    The people in my town don't get it.

    And what a great idea to ask for people to watch it together.

    Smart lady.

  8. love cougar town and community. i'll check out raising hope.


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