Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Just Ease into Our Week, Shall We?

It was a long ass weekend, people.  Long.  Ass.  So I'm losing my ability to string together coherent thoughts.  I'll let you do that for me.

1. Beer or wine or hard liquor? [Beer or liquor, on the Haley's Comet like occasions when I drink anymore.  Wine makes me headachey.]

2.  Do you prefer Twitter or blogging to get your brilliance across to the masses?  [Blogging.  Because I am a wordy motherfucker.]

3.  How much do you hate Facebook and the fact that people you don't like pester you to friend them?  A little or with a fiery passion? [Fiery passion.]

4.  Orange or green as the world's most annoying color?  Or do you have another one that you find even more offensive? [Green.  It makes me tense.]

5.  What are the odds, when you decide you need to do something, that you will actually follow through in a timely manner? [Slim to none.  Seriously.  I haven't had pictures up in my bedroom in 6 years.  SIX YEARS. And I am 0-15 for going to work out so far this year.]

6.  Would you ever wear a puffy parka?  How could would it have to be for you to look like the Michelin Man? [I owned one of those coats and wore it maybe a dozen times in 8 or 9 years before I finally gave it away.  Wool for me, thanks, even to subzero temps.]

What have you got for me friends?


  1. I find the whole neon color era of the 80's to be the most offensive and annoying.

  2. yeah, twitter only works for me when i'm in the mood to be snarky. if have anything real to say, it has to be on the blog.

  3. Beer
    Don't have it
    I love both green and orange in the proper shades
    Yeah, slim
    NO! swish,swish

    Are you gonna hate me cause I'm wearing green? sniffle

  4. beer!

    and lime green is the most hideous color ever. should be outlawed.

  5. 1. Beer or the hard stuff.
    2. Blogging - can't cope with Twitter's dictatory 140 word limit
    3. Fiery Passion for Hatebook.
    4. I could go either way with the orange or green. Combined they make the ultimate nausea-fest.
    5. Slim to none, or none to no fucking way.
    6. No. Not ever.

    Do I win a prize for answering?!

  6. 1. Wine or mojito
    2. Blogging if at all. I don't own twitter nor read twitter.
    3. It varies depending on my mood. Either fiery passion or very fiery passion.
    4. Orange. But I don't mind it in your blog;)
    5.It took me 7 years to rearange my furniture in a way I had planned back in 2003
    6.Not now. I did wear one in middle school. I am still planning to give it away. My mom reminds me that it still takes up the space in her closet and wants to make me wear it (it still fits - people wore much larger stuff back then), but I give her the Michelin Man excuse.

  7. 1) hot tea
    2) blogging. twitter sucks.
    3) i like facebook, most of my readers are there and they comment a lot more on facebook. i need validation.
    4) whatever color orange and green make.
    5) i get shit done before it's out of my mouth (control freak with ocd)
    6)puffy coats in LA would be ridiculed. but i'd wear one if i had one.


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