Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out with the Angst, in with . . . something else, please.

1.) Choose a word that encompasses 2010 and describe why. What word will you choose as your theme for 2011?

Oh, holy fuck.  What word would encompass 2010? 

How about angst?

This has been an angsty year.

Angst about money.

Angst about the girl.

Angst about my health.

Angst about my future.

Angst about jobs. 

Angst about being angsty.

It's exhausting, really, being that angsty.

So my word for 2011 is . . . what's the opposite of angst?  Calm?  Relaxed?  Medicated?

I'm still trying to pick one. 

I think I'll go with calm.  I like calm.  It's so . . . peaceful.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I was going to suggest to go with "calm" too. We'll just let everybody else be the busy/exciting/troubled ones.

  2. you're such a better person than I am. I wanted 2010 to be "bliss." but I think my word for 2010 was "fuck." I think my word for 2011 is also "fuck."

    yeah, I'm a downer.

    my word verification is saysno. I think that's apt.

  3. Sorry you had such an awful 2010. Calm is a great word to have for 2011 & i'll pop back to see how it's going now that I've found you via Mamma Kat's!

  4. Oooh fun game. Ok, I'm going with "Loss" for 2010, and with "Health" for 2011. It was a toss up. I was very attracted to the word "Wealth", but decided to try and be wholesome. Wealth is my backup word though. If I can't be healthy, I hope I can at least be Wealthy. I could give a crap about wise.


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