Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skirting the issue of the workplace. By talking about stuff besides the job.

I tend not to talk about work much or at all because ugh ugh ugh.  Work.  Also, nobody wants to get fired.

However, there are a few things about work that have been bugging me.  Since they are not about the job, I figure they are o.k. to discuss.

POINT 1.  Our wing of offices is at the end of a long hall.  Down this hall, there are several other doorways that open onto other office suites.  For some reason, the hallway immediately outside our office suite, which is blank wall for quite some space, collects weird smells.  Thus far, there has been:
  • Super-concentrated chicken broth
  • Popcorn
  • Windex
  • Strident B.O.
  • Orange juice
  • Vomit
  • Musty
I'm not sure why or how these smells occur.  I am particularly perplexed when, say, the scent of chili is present and half an hour later, the smell of lavender permeates the hall. The smells are complete.  Like you are walking into a giant room of saltines.  Weird.

POINT 2.  I do not necessarily consider myself a super-friendly person, but I think it's only polite to say hello to people when you pass them in the hallway.  I can always tell the people who work in my wing because they are the ones who seem to have difficultly with basic human contact.  If someone says hi to me, I know immediately that they work in another office.  Because I am perverse, I have made it my business to be obnoxiously and aggressively friendly to the people who skitter down the hallway, avoiding contact.

POINT 3.  Our office is business casual, and it will never cease to amaze me the different meaning this term has for different people.  Some people wear sweaters or button down shirts and jackets and work pants.  Others show up in leggings and sweatshirts.  Unless your business is teaching people what Downward Facing Dog looks like, leave the yoga pants at home.

That's what I've got today.  Tune in tomorrow for another episode of As the Suniverse Turns.


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I have a new post up at Secret Society of List Addicts.  It's awesome, of course.  All about jobs.  But in a completely different way than this post.  Because I, in fact, talk about jobs.


  1. Do we work in the same office? One hallway in our office always smells like ass because there is a drain in one of the bathrooms that stinks if water isn't kept in it.

    Yeah, I don't understand it either.

  2. i love smiling at assholes who refuse to say hi in the hallways. that moment of uncomfortable pain in their eyes is so worth it. makes them realize they suck hard.

    smells are horrible. especially people "cooking" stuff in the microwave.

    i'm going back to work tomorrow for a freelance gig. glad to know i'm not alone and you feel the same way.

  3. people are weird. just say hi and smile! how hard is that?

  4. Add in the smell of rotten fish and bourbon and I'd believe you were one hallway away from Fox News headquarters.

  5. in my old job, i was always given the oh-so-amusing task of telling new hires and interns of the female persuasion when they needed to re-examine their sartorial choices. it's just the best thing ever to tell a total stranger, "hey, that's a little too much cleavage for the office." sigh... i wish people would just figure this stuff out on their own...

  6. The boys who put together the business section have begun ordering stinky fish once a week, and that smell permeates into my department, where we eat normal things like salad and soup for dinner. And yet we are forced to suffer.

  7. Ha. I do the agressively friendly to people who won't say hi thing, too. It's like a game. How long before I can win them over.

  8. We had the cat box smell in our office. YUM! Right by the slutty grandma Too!

  9. Due to my split personalities, one personality tells me to below a sharp HELLO! into someones face. This translates, in reality, to me vaguely whispering a swift 'Hi' before looking the other way coyly.

    I'm totally gonna go on the charm offensive next time.


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