Friday, January 14, 2011

They Walk Alike, They Talk Alike, They Even Wear Their Hair Alike*

The husband and I have been together for a while.  Our 15th anniversary is in a few months.  We dated and lived together for 4 years before that. 

We have a history.

What we also have?

A tendency to wear the SAME CLOTHES.

By this I don't mean I'll borrow his shirt or he'll put on my sweats.

What I mean is this:

I'll get up in the morning and shower.  I'll go in our room and I'll get ready and the husband will be in his bathroom [No, we don't have two spacious his and her's bathroom wings, we're not that fancy - he's taken over the bathroom in the basement - no, he's not showering on a cement slab with Lava soap, it's a really nice bathroom] getting ready and I'll leave for work, yelling goodbye to him, and when we get home in the evening, we find we're both wearing, say, a gray shirt and black pants. 

Or, as we're headed to visit the in-laws, we'll have been in the car for a couple of hours and realize we are both wearing white t-shirts and khaki shorts. 

Or a black sweater and khaki pants.

We evidently see our married life as a series of field trips where we have to wear matching t-shirts with the school logo so we can find each other in case one of us gets lost.

* A big fat high five to whoever knows what this title is from.


  1. Hilarious! I tend to dress my kids like me without realizing it. I guess I'm just into green that day. Oops.

  2. Please, please, please! Tell me you DO NOT wear matching "Millennium Force" tee shirts and Danny packs @ Cedar Point. Because thise couples are just plain creepy.

  3. They're Cousins! Identical cousins!

    Are you married to your cousin? Because that's wrong in this state.

  4. Ok, look. If I answer your reference correctly I will be dating myself and I am already going through some weird pre-midlife crisis. I don't need to announce that I watched sitcoms from the Dark Ages.

    While we are discussing the Dark Ages, I feel as if you and I could have a good conversation on the dynamics of Hall & Oates. I mean Hall was the lead singer who apparently landed all the chicks, right? But Oates has that muff across his top lip and the biggest, tightest hair pie on his head. How come he didn't get the action that boring Hall did. I'd tickle that hair pickle.

    I once saw them in concert and I screamed OOOOOooooooates as loud as I could over and over.

  5. I used to steal my husband t-shirts. But we usually wore different colors.
    That title? Very familiar. Not going there.

  6. I was on the subway in NYC and there was the kid who looked like it was his frist day at NYU and he was with his parents. Mom & Dad were wearing matching puffy jackets. Kid asks mom, why are you guys wearing the same jackets? And mom announces proudly— On sale at Costco! Kid looked like he wanted to die on the spot.

    Is this relevant? I'm not sure...

  7. I start to do that with close friends. we'll show up places in similar clothes. must be how much time you spend together.

    also: my word verification is reterd. I swear.

  8. Okay, if you're one of those families who all where blue jeans and a red t-shirt when you go to a theme park together so you're all easy to find in crowds, then you need to worry. And so do I, because it means we can no longer be friends...

  9. Patty Duke! Patty Duke!

    Aww, you and your husband are morphing like lesbians. So cute.

    As for me, after eight years, I've finally started to look like my cats. I knew this day would come.


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