Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Empty Nests First Have To Be Emptied, Right?

On Friday, the dean of admissions from one of the schools the girl applied to called and left a message telling me the girl had been accepted to the school.


I was so excited, I got teary listening to it.

And then I accidentally erased it.  Fucking iPhones and their swipe-y-ness.

So I called the husband and told him and he was all, "Well, of course they'd accept her.  No doubt in my mind." Mr. Anti-Climax.

I called the dean back to tell her I got the message and that we were thrilled.  I also mentioned I got overly excited and accidentally erased it.  She didn't offer to call back and leave another message.  Strike one, people.  Strike one.

I found a coworker who has an iPhone and we spent several minutes trying to figure out how to access the deleted message.  Answer:  You can't.

I told another coworker about the girl's acceptance and he said, "Wow.  That's great, but what are you going to do without her?  You've got an empty nest coming up fast.  How will you fill your time?"

And I thought, Yeah, you obviously don't have kids.  How will I fill my time? How WON'T I?

* Playing my flute
* Writing
* Reading
* Working out
* Not driving to activities
* Not checking homework
* Using the bathroom by myself
* Not having teenagers over
* Not having to run out and purchase last minute items because, "Oh, I forgot, I need XYZ thing tomorrow."
* Taking photos
* Cross-stitching
* Finding NEW hobbies
* Not being part of the PTA
* Sitting quietly

I mean, I love my kid fiercely, but . . .


  1. I so get that.
    I cried the day my daughter moved out. I kept her room empty for a week.
    Then? I had a craft room.

  2. Crying here.

    Over the erased message thing..

  3. I think my parents counted down the days until I left.

  4. My crazy college roommate's parents actually told her in front of me that they counted down the days until she left because she was such a pain in the ass. It's no wonder she was insane.

  5. sounds lovely... and if you want, i can call and pretend like i'm the dean and leave a message.

  6. I moved out at 19, and my mom was so pissed, she had my room turned into a den before that night.

  7. I'm looking forward to my children leaving the nest, and I don't even have children.

    (You can probably still access the deleted message if you only swipey-ed once. It should be saved under "Deleted Messages" unless you already tapped "clear all.")

  8. Congratulations!! Except on that erased message thing....

  9. Oh, it's super nice to hear from other moms who are excited about their impending empty nest. Mine are 15 and 14, and though I love them with every fiber of my being, I already have plans for their bedrooms....


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