Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh, kids these days

Me: And blah de blah blah blah.

The girl:  Yeah, it's LOL JK.

Me: You did not just text-speak at me.

The girl: Ugh, I know.  I'm so embarrassed.

Me:  You don't deserve to go to boarding school.

The husband:  What did she say?

Me:  LOL JK.

The husband: LOL JK?  Laugh Out Loud Jesus Christ?

Me:  Oh, that's totally what it means now.


  1. That was hilarious. I'm not sure Jesus Khrist would find it funny though. :)

  2. It makes me feel old when I hear the younguns speaking in text terms. I don't understand the majority of them. I also don't understand the abbreviations used in singles and prostitution ads.

  3. Awesome.

    I like that my CrackBerry has a full keyboard, as I loathe text-speak.

    For Khrist's sake.

  4. i'm so stealing that. hilarious.

  5. LOLJK.

    I'm using that all over bloggytown now, so watch for it.


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