Friday, February 18, 2011

Procrastination usually [always] kicks my ass.

Cards I've written but never sent:*

Thank you, Jesus, for saving all of us.

Get well soon to my great aunt who died before I could send it.

Thank you to the dean of admissions for the campus tour and then the girl was accepted before I sent it.

Misaddressed Christmas card to family who doesn't celebrate Christmas but, you know, people like getting cards at the holiday, right? Especially with family pictures? Even if it's February?

Thank you card for a wedding gift that I found in an end table after we moved out of our first apartment two years after we had been married.


* One of these is not true.  Guess which one.


  1. I once wrote a "Sorry you got chlamydia" card to someone. But I never sent it. I think I decided I wasn't all that sorry they had chlamydia.

  2. I forgot to write the zip code on my grandparents' invitation to my bat mitzvah. They got it about two months later. Fail.

  3. jesus? where would you send that one?

  4. If it were me, they would all be true except the Jesus one, but I probably even wrote one of those in Sunday School. And if I didn't I'm definitely going to get to it soon. Everyone needs a little encouragement. I also love to compose letters in my head that never make it onto paper. That's sort of my hobby. Sad, isn't it?


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