Thursday, March 31, 2011

How my relationship grows

The husband and I dated for about a year before we lived together.  During that time, he was living in a fraternity house and I was living with my parents [long story as to why; let's just pretend I needed a cover story for being a super-secret agent].  We spent most of our weekends together at his frat house.  Where, I'd say, about 75% of his frat bros saw me naked.  Not a lot of door-knocking going on there.

Luckily, I'm not a super bashful person. In fact, I'm that woman you see in the locker room, really going to town drying herself off.  Sorry, but I have zero interest in damp underwear.

Anyway, this not about me being naked, nor is it about spending weekends in a frat house, nor is it about my life as a secret agent.  Although these would all be interesting posts, I'm sure.

Instead, this is about the first time I made dinner for my husband - then my boyfriend. Or lover.  Yeah, let's go with lover.  Boyfriend is so 9th grade.

I invited him over and asked him what he wanted.  He said he didn't care.

This, as you may imagine, pissed me off. 

Not care?  Not care what I was going to make for dinner?  Really, asshole?

So I kept asking what he wanted, and he kept saying he didn't care, that anything was fine, until finally, I slapped a can of black olives on the table and said, "Fine.  We're having olives for dinner.  I hope you're happy."

At which point he apologized for upsetting me, which I graciously accepted, and then I think we ordered carry-out.

Of course, I later learned that he is not a fan of olives.  So I'm not sure if his apology was heart-felt.

Which kind of pisses me off.  Again.


Still sick, so I'm was happy to find this prompt - a memorable dinner.

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  1. See the VAPORS produce lots of FUNNY, you bring it!!!!

    I truly hate olives, but him not answering, I hate that more. LOL


  2. I hope that taught him not to not answer you! Funny story. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  3. This? This is very funny.

    And olives are gross.

  4. DaisyGal - I think the vapors ARE adding to the funny. Or delirium.

    Pegbur7 - You'd have thought he would have learned his lesson. You'd be wrong.

    KLZ - Thanks! That means a lot. Even though you're wrong about olives.

  5. That was great. I am a fan of eating whole cans of olives though. I am quite impressed with your naked-ness abilities. I have always wished I was a little less bashful in that area. Confidence is sexy.

  6. Isn't it great to find a prompt you find easy when you aren't feeling well! I was kind of hoping the post was about you being a secret are remaining sunonymous after all:)

  7. I just loved this. And I have seen "your type" going to town in the locker room. I'm the wimp hiding in the bathroom stall trying to put clothes on over my wet skin.

    And next time someone gives me crap about dinner, I'm slapping down a can of olives! Great idea.

    Thanks for the visit earlier.

  8. Oh...we ARE husband and I had our first fight OVER what our first meal as married couple should be.

    Momentous, right?


    Right there, at Sentry Foods, the man says to his new BEAUTIFUL bride, regarding their first meal as a married couple, in their first home, " I DON"T CARE."

    Oh, yeah, he got nothing that night...and I don't mean just the meal.

  9. oh, I hate when people say they don't know or don't care.

  10. Saying "I don't care" blows the big one!
    Also- olives are yummy and wet underwear is absolutely unnecessary.

  11. My huz says that a lot (I don't care) when I ask him what he wants for dinner. He thinks he's being polite. Not! Next time he does it, it's olives for him.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. Calling him your lover made me think of that Will Ferrell/Rachel Dratch SNL skit of the lovahs in the hot tub. Which is where they ate their meals. You guys should totally do that. Added bonus: you will get to vigorously towel off afterward!

  13. And this is why I make dinner as rarely as possible. It always gets me into trouble.

    I love olives and would have been quite pleased had you thrown a can my way.

  14. what IS it with boys and their complete inability or unwillingness to answer these questions? the man does the same damn thing when i ask him what he wants for dinner. it's infuriating.

  15. Still sick?! NOOOOOOO!!!! Poop. I'm sorry...
    I love how you handled him. Hopefully "I don't care" was never used again when asked what he would like for supper?
    I hate damp underwear too - have NO problems drying off at the gym :p

  16. You should have made him eat the olives.

  17. Brilliant! My husband and I have the same argument about 5 times a week. After much back and forth he finally told me to choose whatever I wanted. So I said fine we're eating ____ and his responce was I don't want that. How about this? No not that either. I would have pushed him out of the moving car if he wasn't buckled in...

  18. I would marry someone who offered me a can of olives for dinner. That's how much I love olives.


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