Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I tend not to transition very well.  I tend to jump into things and immerse myself completely.

Case in point:  I'm not doing this whole laid-off thing well.  I mean, besides worrying about money and needing to find a job, I'm not taking advantage of my enforced time off.

I just made an appointment to get my oil changed.  At 7:30am.  What the hell?  Where do I have to be?

So I need suggestions.  What am I supposed to be doing?  How do I take this down a notch?

What do people do when they aren't working besides look for work?  Before I had that job, I spent all my time looking for work, and it wasn't that healthy, because THERE ARE NO JOBS.  It's really, really hard to deal with that kind of rejection day in and day out.

I'd like to handle this episode of unemployment better.

What do you suggest?

PS - I'll definitely do a cross-stitch giveaway.  I'll come up with the parameters this week.  YAY!  A task!  But I will NOT schedule it for 7:30am.  I'm really regretting that right now.


  1. I'm Sorry!!! That is so hard!!! Alas I did not win the lottery - I will keep trying.
    What about working on your novel(s)?? You are such an amazing writer! Can you work at a cafe or something? It helps to curb the anxiety over looking for a job and if they've called and the feeling that you have laundry to do, etc....

  2. When I was off work last, I cleaned my house. From top to bottom. I don't deal well with change either. Good luck!

  3. I do that. I haven't had a job in something like a millenium, but I still schedule appointments and stuff in the morning. "Where do I have to be?" Exactly. Other than plopped on my butt in front of my computer, I mean.

  4. last time i had a stretch of unemployment, i baked approximately six million loaves of bread for no apparent reason. i hate baking bread; it's hard work and often way less satisfying than wandering to the store and buying it.

    unemployment does nutty things to people, i guess, is what i'm saying.

  5. Get outside and walk about.

    Find exciting new recipes and make a special dish.

    Go to the local library and find a new book to read.

    Decide to wage war against one of your neighbors and spend hour devising perfect pranks to slowly drive them insane.

    (I'm not great with advice.)

  6. I have no idea what you are supposed to be doing with your time now that you are laid off because my time at home is spent looking after 2 crazy kids. I would however recommend making appointments no earlier than 10am because I don't believe anybody should be awake and out of the house at 7:30 unless they are going to work.

  7. It's really hard to come up with a schedule. Just transitioning from work life back to school has been jolting. All of a sudden it's like... what do I do without a rigid schedule?! I hope you find your groove soon.

  8. Tonya - thanks. I didn't win the lottery either. Jerks. I think I will write - but I have a hard time doing that outside my house because I CONSTANTLY have to pee.

    April - thanks! I'm looking at the cobwebs in my laundry room right now and making plans.

    Kathy - isn't that insane? I have no idea why that seems so imperative.

    Magnolia - Hmmm . . . bread, eh? Not a bad idea. It does make you nutty.

    Megan - What are you talking about? That's ALL great advice! I'm actually contemplating wandering the neighborhood, finding things to report to the ordinance committee.

    Jessica - 10 am sounds perfect. And good luck with the 2 kids. I was wiped out with one.

    Simone - yes. [I love you.]

  9. Hastaclaridad - I know, right? I NEED scheduling!! Like a toddler.

  10. I declutter like a crazy woman.

    It feels so good.

    Pack it up, drive it away from your home. Go through EVERYTHING in EVERY drawer, shelf, closet, basement space, garage corner.

    It feels so wonderful.


    Schedule exercise for right away. Then, get that done, and shower, etc.

    But, the decluttering, of every room, is so cathartic.

  11. for the few months I was totally unemployed when I first got to Portland, I'd get up late, watch Hulu, walk to a coffee shop, do some writing. I read tons of books. discovered places I'd never been (but, new city you know). it was glorious! I was so made for unemployment.

  12. I was unemployed for almost six months, and man, how I wish I could get a do-over. I totally squandered that time by being all worried that I'd never work again, and I wouldn't be able to keep feeding my cats organic kibble, and that my girlfriend would leave me because I slept every day until 4 p.m.

    All that worrying was for naught. My girlfriend left me because I wouldn't go hiking and poop in the wilderness with her.

    Enjoy the time, Sunny. As much as you can.


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