Monday, March 14, 2011

We Now Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming

I ended up taking an unintended internet/twitter hiatus this weekend.  It was actually kind of nice. 

I went to a wedding. [More on this later.]

I watched movies [Blythe Spirit - not bad, I like Noel Coward; Arsenic and Old Lace - awesome, as usual; and The Killers - I love Chow Yun Fat, but this movie was kind of eh, and even though it was subtitled, the husband still had to have the volume turned up to "Hear the shooting."  Yes.  Really. EDITED TO ADD:  The husband has adamantly informed me that "The volume was on ten.  ON TEN."  Yes, and it was STILL SUBTITLED.  UPDATED: He also wanted to hear the death screams of the bad guys.].

I worked out, and even though the guys working out next to me had that musty sweat smell, no one struck up a conversation and I was able to read Bitchfest in peace.  And get angry.

I ran errands.

I made food [tacos & burritos; pasta salad with sauteed chicken; beef barley soup; cream cheese frosted chocolate chip brownies].

And I spent several hours creating this:

Not a great picture, but it's late and I think you get the idea.  The colors match my living room.  I can't wait to frame and hang it.

How was your weekend?


  1. You could sell those cross-stitches! I love arsenic and old lace, and anything with Cary Grant in it, really.

  2. You sort of have to wonder how often those words gert immortalized in cross-stitch.

    I bet they're totally underrepresented.

  3. You sort of have to wonder how often those words gert immortalized in cross-stitch.

    I bet they're totally underrepresented.

  4. That. Is. So. Awesome.

    You stitch exactly what I'm thinking.

  5. Sounds like a good way to spend a weekend. Especially when it ends with a healthy ranting that will be forever be stiched in cloth.

    Well done!

  6. Man, you aren't going to keep that awesomeness for yourself, are you? I think you need to offer a giveaway!

  7. I cannot wait to see your future cross-stitch endeavors. *Wringing hands in antici...........pation.*

  8. Now, Aunt Becky saw this, right???

  9. LOVE the cross-stiching project. Are you really going to put it up in your living room? Cause I think that's awesome. Glad you had a relaxing weekend unplugged from the universe. We need those quite often, so don't apologize!

  10. Unmitigated Me - LOVE Cary Grant movies. I'm actually thinking about selling some stuff. Thanks for thinking it would work!

    Lori - I think you may be right. That needs to change.

    Kittie - Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

    Sunshine - I agree, immortal stitching is a great result. Thanks!

    Liz - I'm on it. I'll have to come up with a good giveaway.

    Sue - I've done a few others - my avatar [Suck It!], Bite Me, and so on. It's very therapeutic.

    Empress - I emailed her.

    HastaClaridad - Thanks! It was very nice to take a break.

  11. OMGah. I ran 16,000 errands and cooked nothing.

    Re: Shut your whore mouth cross stitch. I need that. For my guest room. I want my visitors to feel welcome. I also want them to know the law of the land.

  12. you could make a lot of money selling those pillow on etsy. um, hello - that's the best fucking pillow in the universe.

    p.s. i took glee off of my directv que because you're hatred for gwyneth is so palpable that i couldn't risk catching another episode of her horribleness.

    and yes, i concur - we were cut from the same cloth. perhaps of the same pillow...

  13. I have started taking the weekends off from the internet and it is so nice to have a break from being plugged in. Sounds like you had a great time and I think you need to make more of that wonderful cross-stitch picture for all of your followers.

  14. You are hereby invited to completely upholster my living room... If I had one (which I don't).

  15. I'm a new reader and I LOVE your sense of humor. I found you through The Empress. She never leads me astray. If you were to teach cross stitching I would totally take that class. It's the first time that the finished project has ever left ME in stitches. I know. HORRIBLE pun. Haven't had my coffee yet. Can you teach me to make a pillow that says, "My kids are all Douche Canoes?" Just wondering.


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