Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Round Up

I am nothing if not a woman who will beat a dead horse - particularly if that dead horse will give up a blog post.  Because you all enjoyed my delightful slant on the week's news, here's this week's version:

Peter King.  You are a fucking tool.  IRA supporter decides to hold hearings on the threat of home-grown Islamic terrorism?  Takes a thief to catch a thief?  Is that the deal? Jackass.

Wisconsin Republicans. You. Fucking. WANKERS. You should be writhing around in shame for your cowardice and selfishness and complete and total assholery.  Except looking at you, I don't think any one of you has a conscience and so you are all probably enjoying sipping baby-tear-martinis and eating unicorn steaks.

General Strike.  HELL. YES.  And I am not just saying that because I currently have some time on my hands.

Chuck Schumer.  Kick ass, baby.  Stand tall.  I am a firm believer that people simply need things explained to them so that they can understand them and see the light.  Busting the GOP party line about fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction wide open?  Brilliant.  Now, you other fucking wussy Dems, GET ON THAT MESSAGE.  Jesus.  It's exhausting being liberal.

International Women's Day.  I didn't do anything.  Partly because I'm not a joiner, or rah rah go vagina type person even though I am an ardent feminist [although YAY for vaginas, right?], but mainly because anytime I thought about celebrating the fact that I'm a woman or celebrating women in general, I would go on Twitter and see that women in Egypt who were trying to have a demonstration for International Women's Day were being harassed and grabbed.  In Tahrir Square, for fuck's sake.  Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.

Charlie Sheen.  Fired?  Go to rehab.

Did I miss anything?

Oh, and while it may not be on any of the major networks, Andygirl and I are very eager to see what you've got for this month's Raw Photos Contest - What Makes You Laugh?  SHOW!


  1. Once again, you are too funny. You say everything that's in my brain and I'm too afraid to let out. Maybe we're related. ;)

  2. If one more person utters the name C. Sheen, Imma lose it.

    Except for you. When you say it, it's cute. :)

  3. ooh, just so spot-on. love it all.

    and the whole peter king thing just cracks me up, if it wasn't at the same time so completely enraging. makes you wonder if he hears something different than the rest of us when he talks...

  4. I would totally beat any dead horse that generated the thinnest of blog posts (witness my recent shameless repetition of the phrase 'hemorrhoidal ointment'). There were a few letters to the editor in our paper saying women should be more grateful for the changes that we have achieved. Well, yeah, in the western world maybe....

  5. I think this list pretty much covers this weeks list of events. I hope Charlie Sheen is not on next weeks news list.

  6. How come I haven't seen this weekly list before?

    I love you.

    You are smart.

    And up on current events.

  7. LOVE!
    Where the hell have I been for these past few weeks?! I've missed a fuck load.

    From now on, I'm going to skip the news entirely, and you can email it to me. Sound good

    PS yay for vaginas. Even though I really hate that word. But it's not as bad as penis.

    Penis is the worst.

  8. I have never been into pop culture of the tabloid kind, but damn if I am not hooked on the Charlie Sheen story enough to want to go see his "tour" when it comes to Detroit. It's like watching a live train wreck.


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