Friday, April 15, 2011

The Week in Review - Stuff Happened

Haven't had time to keep up with the world this week? Wondering what everyone's talking about? Need a way to pass the time for a few minutes, but want to feel productive? Have I got a post for you - all the news you need to know for the week.

You're welcome.

What the hell?  ABC is canceling All My Children and One Life to Live.  How is that possible?  Are you trying to tell me that housewives and elementary school kids and grandparents aren't watching these shows anymore? I find that hard to believe.  I remember watching all the ABC soaps [including General Hospital, of course] when I was in elementary school when we'd have days off from school.  I also remember when Vicki turned into Nikki the Prostitute on One Life to Live. All the awesomeness of multiple personalities way before United States of Tara [which I watched one episode of, and found very, very boring].  Where are we going to get our drawn out plots, stilted acting, and ridiculous happenstances now? On American Idol? [Full disclosure, I've never watched American Idol and never intend to, but my understanding is that it is drawn out, ridiculous and stilted.]

Evidently Donald Trump is playing at politics.  I find this incredibly hilarious, particularly since I follow this on Wonkette, which gives us these priceless gems:
Vulgar idiot Donald Trump was born into a multi-million-dollar fortune and still went bankrupt, repeatedly, because he’s so dumb he can’t figure out how to make money off casinos and New York real estate.
Seriously. How is this even part of the national discussion? Have we, as Americans, truly become such buffoons that this is presented as actual news? Do we need to get rid of the 24 hour news cycle so that 1) There is some down time to think about what we're hearing and reading; and 2) We're not so desperate for filler?

Student loans are crippling grads. As one of them, I'm going to say, DUH. But hey, it'll help me make more money over the course of my lifetime.  Even though I'll be paying these off until my kid has graduated from college.  This is my favorite quote:
many economists and policy experts see student debt as a healthy investment
Uh, yeah, that's exactly right.  EXACTLY.  Fucking recession.

Shockingly, there haven't been any high profile prosecutions to come from the financial crisis.  Yeah. I'll hold my breath for that, for sure.  I'm a huge believer in the law [and Law & Order], but I know enough to realize that the little guy gets shafted as a matter of course.  In this case, the little guy turned out to be everyone else in this country.  As an aside, I'm still pissed that one Enron guy died and the other one committed suicide.  Assholes.  You knew they'd get out of serving time.

Finally, I found out that language originated in southern Africa.  Researchers postulate that modern language was created all at once, in the southern tip of Africa. A biologist is looking at phonemes - the simplest parts of words - and applying mathematical formulas to different language patterns. This is pretty cool. But also very confusing. Plus, the earliest languages are those including clicks.  How fucking click is that?

What did you learn about this week?


  1. Seems like the whole world is in a tizzy over the canceling of the soaps. I truly couldn't care much less. Don't watch 'em.

    Now...I USED to, like you. I was a General Hospital & Days of Our Lives addict back in the day. I blame my mother. She would dutifully explain the plot lines to me and we would watch them together while she did her ironing. I finally broke the habit in college. SO glad I did. Otherwise, I'd be a basket case when news of the cancellations hit.

  2. I learned this week that my huge Eminem crush has been tempered by the hottie Mark Wahlberg. He is SO oht, I can't even spell the word correctly anymore. (It actually took me by surprise, my change in feelings. What finally put me over the edge was watching the Fighter.)

  3. I learned this morning that it is possible to lose 6 lbs in 24 hours. Don't ask. do you remember when Megan died on OLTL? I am literally choking up just thinking about it. I had a half day that day and was so excited to watch it with my mom. We cried. My cousin called. She was sobbing. It was all too much.

  4. "How fucking click is that"--SUPER LOL. But on a serious note, my brother was paying off student loans 4ever. I'll have to ask him if he's finally finished paying them (he's 43). As for the Donald, there's a scary thing: seems to me that Americans are so star-obsessed, there is way too much credibility given to the great dullards and bimbos, as their virtue is proven by their ability to make it onto your TV screen.

  5. student loans. jesus. i have what i like to call a $200K mortgage on my brain between my JD and my LL.M. (which will blissfully be over in a matter of weeks). i am not looking forward to spending hundreds of dollars a month for the next 20 years or so... sigh...

  6. This is an old story, but I am especially fond of the State Bar of Ohio's contribution to the economy and Student loan debt. Paraphrased: They have denied a law grad entry to the state bar because the grad's employment choice (public defender) will not pay him enough to cover his student loans, and therefore he risks financial ruin and fails the character and fitness portion of the "exam".

  7. Ewwww! United States of Tara blows goats nuts. I really tried to get in to it, but it's just not good. At all.

    Thanks for the weekly updates!! Love 'em!!

  8. Sigh...reality shows have killed the humble soap opera. Blame it on the Kardashians and the Real Housewives.
    Seriously though. What am I going to watch now while I'm sitting on the couch eating Bon-bons all day? 'Cause you know, I'm a SAHM, and that's how we roll...

  9. Clare completely stole my comment. But I'm fine - I only ever watched the loser soaps that no one else watched. Did you read about the surrogate in England that not only decided to keep the baby, but sued for child support and WON? Not enough Ws Ts and Fs in the world for that one.

  10. I was very surprised to hear those two soaps being cancelled. What will I watch now while sitting on the couch eating my bon-bons?

    Student loans suck.

  11. i learned that haters are gonna hate.

  12. Well since I'm getting most of my news from you, I have nothing to add. ( and sadly I'm not to ally joking.) and if Donald Trump becomes president, I will really emigrate to Canada.

  13. I learned all about cheeses from the very cheesy Paul K & then went home & all I could remember was the story about Napoleon and the pyramid. Cheese for Everyone!

  14. I have always loved language.

    I almost became a linguist, but chose speech pathology instead.

    The click thing...why don't we have any vestiges in English?

    These are the thoughts that cause me to miss my exit on the freeway.

    We do need to move closer together. Just for the weekly coffees. And chats.

  15. "All My Children" was the best part of having mono for three months in 10th grade. "All My Children" was also the best part about having mono a few weeks ago. I sincerely hope I never get mono again. I'll never make it without AMC.


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