Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raw Photos Springtime Finalists.

Here they are!

The Raw Photos finalists for this round.  These images really conveyed the idea of Springtime to us.  Aren't they amazing?

This is so delicate and yet vibrant - so much going on and such an amazing moment to capture.
By Shnerfle
Spring Business

Are you looking at these colors? At the magic?

By nonspleen

Fluffy and gorgeous and so soft. I think it's incredible. Love the immediacy.

By measagoddess

The bokeh here is outstanding.  I love the charge of the green, too. 
By Dawn Williams-Summitt
Thorny Springtime

These look unreal, don't they? Nature's nearly incomprehensible sometimes.
By daredevil229

Andygirl and I will post the winner and the runners up tomorrow.  I can't explain to you how hard it is to select from among the incredible photos you submitted.  Seriously.  I'm astounded by your ability to capture such indelible and stunning moments. 


  1. FAbulous. Those are all FABULOUS photos.

  2. Awwww..Thanks guys, those are all gorgeous pictures. I'm honored to be amongst them.

  3. I love the clouds, they almost look fake. Personally, I have never seen that.

  4. I live close to Mt. Rainier and I can tell you we see these clouds often around the Mt. I'm not sure if its because of the mountain or just an really weird coincidence, but we love seeing it none the less.

  5. Karen - Aren't they gorgeous? I'm always impressed.

    Marisa - you absolutely deserve it! And they are so cool!

    France Rants - Aren't those amazing?

  6. OOOH, I am not envious of you, these are
    the one of the clouds is AMAZING, surreal!

    good luck judging, WOW. I can't pick a favorite. Ladies who took these pictures, I worship at your feet!!!


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