Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring - a time when your fancy turns to photos. Raw Photos.

Hey! It's that time! RAW PHOTOS TIME!

The theme for this contest is SPRINGTIME.

What does Springtime mean to you? What's it look like where you live? Don't you want to show us? You know you do. 

And the best part is?  This is a RAW PHOTOS contest - none of that fancy photoshopping stuff, just you and your camera and Springtime. 

Don't be intimidated.  You know you like your photo - we'd love to see it!

A quick recap of the rule:

1. You have to have taken the photo.
2. The photo has to be a raw photo. NO PHOTOSHOPPING. You can screw around all you want with exposure and white balance on your camera, and we'll even let you crop the photo, but that's it. (Both digital and digital scans of film are okay)
3. You have one week to enter a photo. You can enter up to two [2] photos per contest.

Once all the photos have been entered, we'll take a few days to look them over. When we decide who the winner is, that winner's photo will be posted on our blogs Crazy with a side of Awesome Sauce or The Suniverse, our Twitter feeds @andygirl or @TheSuniverse, and on Flickr. Plus, the winner gets an AWESOME BADGE to post on their blog, showing the world that they have mad photography skills.

Submit here

Good luck!


  1. Sounds like a fun contest! Too bad I live in a tropical country where it's either just hot or rainy.

  2. Alison, then show us that! here in the NW, it's super rainy too. just be yourself. :D

  3. I might try this.....hmmmm. :)

  4. Sadly I have vowed to avoid any form of competative blogging (I am a victim of the Blog of War competition)

    But for anyone who does want to enter how do they actualy enter the photo?

  5. I'm pathetic. Couldn't even tell you where my camera is.

    So even a RAW photo is out of my reach.

    But damn do I admire people who can take good pictures.

    A lot.

    (for that matter, I'm in awe of people who know where their cameras are...)

  6. BlackLog - Set up a Flickr account if you don't already have one and then become part of the Raw Photos Group. You'll be able to upload up to 2 photos per contest.

  7. As I said not for me I have honestly retired from any competative blogging....


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