Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog of War - The Reckoning

Hey all!

Remember how I did that Blog of War thing a while ago?  No?  Well, we're on to ROUND 2, anyway, so let's just jump right in, o.k.?

In this round . . . well, here's the scoop from The Puppet Master:

Welcome to Round 2 of “Blog of War”

The remaining 3 competitors are going head to head with each other, having been given the task of finding a small blog (less than 20 followers)

As readers please take the time to look at all 3 entries - There was clearly a little bit of over enthusiasm in the last round, with votes being cast before all the entries had been loaded ….This is not Florida guys, or even a one party communist state….

The links to the other entries can be found - Link to Blog of War – round 2  

You have until the 21st May to vote - This is done by “following” one of the selected blogs and should be based on the job that the competitors have done in selecting a good blog and how well they have championed that blog. ….

Please note. If you happen to like more than one of the featured blogs my advice in order not to nullify your vote is go back and follow the 2nd or even 3rd blog after the 21st May)  

Best of luck to all three contestants

Regards BlackLOG


So.  That brings us to today's post and my hearty exhortation to visit and follow this site:

Are you already in love with that name?  Of course you are.  You'll be even MORE in love with me and her by the time you've finished reading this post.

Yes, sure there's the possibility that HYP [that's Hate You, Probably, of course] already hates you, but! You might be that one person she DOESN'T hate.  It's like a popularity contest of the most discerning kind.

Now, why should you follow @HateYouProbably on Twitter and on her blog [mostly on her blog, because I kind of want to win this contest]?

Here are a few reasons:

T-Pain follows her on Twitter.  I KNOW, RIGHT! [Disclaimer: I'm not exactly sure who T-Pain is, except that I believe he's a rapper of some sort and he follows HYP on the Twitter.]

She's a do-gooder - she's started the Jeremy London Date with Destiny Foundation for @JeremyMLondon [perhaps his IMDB page will refresh your memory] who is suffering from Late Stage Mulletitis and desperately in need of a date with HYP.

She judges people based on the level of their Costco membership.  That is taking bulk shopping to a whole other level.  A hilarious, biting level:
There are three kinds of members: Gold Star Members, Business Members, and Executive Members.
If you’re a Gold Star Member, why are we friends? Don't even continue reading this because your membership level tells me everything I need to know about you.      
AND! She had a Royal Wedding Birthday Party the day after Wills & Kate got married.  Complete with a bridal gown, Princess Diana Sapphire Ring, guests in wedding clothes and a wedding/birthday cake.
Are you dying from the awesome yet? ARE YOU?
It should not surprise you that I kind of want to make out with HYP - she is so. fucking. brilliant.  And I haven't even touched on her dad thinking Justin Timberlake is a pussy.  





You won't be sorry.


  1. I love her already. She is lucky to have you in her corner. Off to check her out.

  2. I feel like a total retard but I went there and cannot see how to follow. Now she hates me, definitely! Please help me. I'm very old.

    Sarah xxx

  3. I subscribed! That's all you need, right? Or should I follow another way? Oh, and she's totally awesome and it's not a pity follow for you at all.

  4. So you have managed to find a great blog that no one can follow....what are we going to do with you....


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