Friday, May 13, 2011

Week in Review - Fuck you, Blogger.

How have I spent all week forgetting that I'm supposed to watch out for interesting bits of news or finding interesting bits of news and then forgetting them? HOW? 

Oh, because the weather is actually warming up and I haven't turned on the AC [even though I will, get over your environmental hate now, please, I just don't care, I need to be cool] because it's not quite warm enough to justify turning on the air [even for me, or for my neighbor who honest to god, must be part . . . what is it that lives in a cool climate? Polar bear?] and then I go to sleep and it's Dante's Inferno and I end up waking up at 4am UNABLE TO SLEEP ANYMORE and then I watch an episode or two of Cougar Town [how I love you, truly] and then drift off have weird sex dreams about REALLY. OLD. MEN.

I need Lysol for my brain.  Please.

Anyway, here's what's been happening:

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5billion.  Great. Just when I was ready to start using Skype.  Now I'll have to find some other way to communicate with people online.  Ah, Twitter, there you are.

Speaking of Skype, in Australia [hi Sarah!], several Australian Defense Force Academy cadets were involved in a sex scandal. IMPOSSIBLE! Yeah, so two guys ended up filming two other cadets [boy and girl] having it off and then broadcast it over Skype.  They've been booted from the academy and face criminal charges.  I don't think Sarah's involved.

And in other news that actually makes me want to move to Australia solely to have a child grow up in a country that values her, there's an ambitious program on the part of the Federal Government to start mental health screenings for children.  This, so that any developing issues can be caught and addressed early on.  Excellent job, Australia. 

In Canada, the Federal Industry Minister wants oil companies to explain how they price gas. My guess? Take the real price and add $3/gallon.  I'm not sure what this will solve, but what the hell, maybe they'll squirm.

In Germany, John Demjanjuk, who was deported from the US two years ago, was found guilty of being an accessory to murder when he was a concentration camp guard.  The 91 year old is facing 5 years in prison.  Better late than never.

Evidently, this is a thing now?  In the US, adults, who should know better, are having proms.   For themselves.  Really? Stop making me sad for you, America.

But then there's this: the Presbyterians have approved ordaining gay people as their clergy.  YAY! Equality!  

Also, did I ever tell you the time I accidentally sent the girl to bible camp?


  1. Adult proms? Wow.
    Wasn't the first time awkward and regretful enough? x

  2. bible camp! Mon dieu, I'm sorry, but I would die. Anyhoo, gas is so ridiculous now, that locals are once again traveling over the border to get gas. I and the Man are too lazy, however. When I read that bit about the proms, I completely shuddered. Who wants to live that hell over again?!? Didn't get enough cheese and suckage the first time???

  3. FU you Blogger - Perfect title!

    Explanation for price of gas, actually I think you nailed it!!

    p.s. Blogger ate your comment on my post, that little fuck.

  4. Fuck you Blogger for making me wait for this.

  5. yeah, it's bad enough that i actually dumped blogger as my blogging platform because of it. i can't deal with my stuff getting eaten. fuck them indeed.

  6. Once again, STUPID BLOGGER ATE MY COMMENTS! I don't mean just yours, but like, 15 different comments!

    Anyway, I owed you one, so...yeah...

  7. Microsoft bought Skype? Just great ... now it will be ruined and cost more.

  8. Love the title, love that I just learned so much from you, and love that you accidentally sent your daughter to bible camp Post please? XO

  9. Yay equality, indeed.

    Maybe I CAN stay in the US.

    For now.

  10. I want to go to those proms- I want to show up in goth gear and try to sell those asshole losers fake crystal meth. Whose in? remind me to tell you about the rich deucebags in Newport beach who held their own "prom" (Charity ball, whatever) and made their Sublime cover band "Clean up" the words to Santoria...RICH WHITE PEOPLE SUCK!

    welcome back, and FU Blogger!

  11. Bible camp stories are always interesting. Do tell!

  12. Those little fuckers at ADFA are always up to some shenanigans - what with the drug dealing and the raping and the assaults... but it's ok because they have guns!

    (This guy went to ADFA!

    Please tell us the bible camp story?

    Sarah xxx

  13. I hate Canada.

    (I'm probably going to reiterate that every time you mention it.)

  14. How do you accidentally send someone to Bible camp? I know I've twice accidentally downloaded Christian propaganda in the form of highly rated & recommended audiobooks. But Bible camp sounds like it would be pretty straight-forward.

    Is it safe to assume that your unconscious-self logs into the lemon party website? I've had some weird sex dreams, but never involving old people. At least, not yet. Tonight, well, when I do, I'll be damning the Suniverse ;-p


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