Friday, June 3, 2011

Week in Review - The News Doesn't Stop for Holidays

Morning, lovers!  [And screw you, Blogger, for your ineffectual scheduled posting.]

I'm glad to hear that you like this weekly roundup - I love to do it, since I get a chance to keep up on the more interesting news and bitch about stuff.  Mostly to bitch about stuff.  It's like a disease.

I also LOVE the fact that you give me info on things that have happened this week - it's a great way to keep up on what the smart, cool people are thinking and talking about.

Here's what I think you should know about this week:

In Australia, there's a big hullabaloo [not to be confused with a didgeridoo] about extraditing dangerous criminals.  Evidently, there are some criminals none of the airlines will agree to fly [like the tool who was wanted in Europe on a multitude of charges] and so they have to go on chartered flights.  I get being pissed at spending the money for private planes, but I'd have no interest in being on a commercial flight where a criminal becomes violent, as has happened.  What to do?  Send them out in a canoe and hope for the best?

In Canada, postal workers are holding a rotating 48-hour strike to protest ineffectual contract proposals by Canada Post.  Hamilton is the next city up, so if you've got mail to send, get on it.  SOLIDARITY!!  Workers unite!

There's a new hybrid strain of e. coli running rampant in Germany.  Over 1,700 people have become ill and 4 have died.  Usually found in meat, this strain of e. coli was found in either cucumbers or tomatoes.  Awesome.  Also, evidently Germany initially blamed Spain for being the cause of the outbreak, and now Spain's pissed.  Russia is refusing to lift a ban on importing raw vegetables.  I love political spats. 

Bibi Netanyahu is getting flack even from Israelis.  The former chief of Mossad has said that Israel's leaders lack judgment in dealing with the issue of Palestine.  Yipes.  That's not good news.

And finally, John Edwards was indicted on violating campaign finance laws.  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  PS What the fuck is it with politicians fucking over their cancer-ridden wives? WHAT THE FUCK?

What have I missed?  Anything going on I should be aware of? 


  1. Well, my daughter's team played what was perhaps one of the most painful and degrading games of baseball EVER, against a team full of obnoxious brats. But that probably didn't make the news. At least not internationally.

    And I KNOW, right? I always thought even assholes would be nice to people with cancer that they're, you know, married to. Perhaps it's a hybrid strain of antibiotic-resistant assholism that we're dealing with.

  2. I hope John Edwards penis falls off. Just sayin'

  3. oh, john edwards. seriously. SO glad he bowed out before i would've waltzed into the voting booth and pulled the lever. so now i ended up voting for the rock-star president who got OBL. nice consolation prize.

  4. Apparently, a nude jogger was seen running down the streets of a rather conservative Kansas suburb, then jumping over a fence and jumping in a community pool filled with small children.

    He was taken to the hospital for mental evaluation.

    I love living in Kansas.

  5. Speaking of tools (John Edwards), you forgot about Congressman Weiner, the man who can't remember if he took a picture of his junk.

  6. I am irate about the postal strike - mainly because I know ONE day, I will want to mail something... eventually.

  7. Ha ha Al Penwasser, maybe Weiner isn't so proud of his wiener. Okay, that was sophomoric, but then am I. Suniverse, you are so much further ahead than me in current events that I can't make a respectable comment, much as I wish I could. But I will tell you this. In my overly politically populated town (meaning there are way more politicians than are necessary) one guy was recently stopped and charged with DWI or DUI, whatever we are calling it here, and blamed marijuana, which he needs to take for his medical condition, but his drug test turned up cocaine. I don't know all the background. You'd have to go ask Alice.


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