Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Backaches and Books and Bacon

One week ago, I woke up and my back felt kind of weird.  Not really bad, just tight.  So I did my yoga, and went to work and yadda yadda and by Thursday night, I could barely get up out of the chair and I was addicted to my lovely, sexy-time heading pad, and when I did move? I made all-consonant grunting noises and shuffled.  SERIOUSLY. HOW ARE YOU ALL NOT MY BEST FRIENDS FOREVER ALL THE TIME WHAT WITH MY AMAZINGNESS?

I was supposed to go to Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago and meet up with Miss Alexandra of GDRPempress fame, but instead I went to the doctor, who gave me many, many drugs and the imprecation to rest.

So I sat at home in my chair and on my heating pad and re-read 'Salem's Lot and waited for the pain to abate.

Sunday my parents had a family going-away party for the girl. Who is leaving in a week. I'M FINE.

The party was a LOT of fun. Despite the many mosquito bites and the still-hurting back. [I took the heating pad with me.  Of course. I bring the fun wherever I go.] It was great to see so many people getting together to wish the girl luck on her big adventure.  And, as a parent, it was nice to hear so many nice things about my kid.

So I'm doing o.k., my back is slowly getting better and we're slowly getting ready for the girl to leave and we're even more slowly getting ready for the going away party we're having for the girl's friends on Saturday and it'll be fine.

Except - a friend was talking about weird dreams and that reminded me that I've been having weird dreams [thanks, 'Salem's Lot!], but my weirdest dream by far was when I was pregnant with the girl and I dreamed I fried her in the bacon pan. Because she was cold.

So of course that's what I'm thinking about as I get ready for her to leave.


  1. And you didn't link up with my WTF Wednesday with that shit? Usually I tune people out when they start talking about dreams and what they mean, but that my friend, is truly bizarre.

    I know your fine and all, but if any dreams creep up to rival the frying pan this last week, keep us posted.

  2. You are the best mother ever.

    Sorry about your back, love. Backs are motherfuckers. Let's talk about me. I'm nearly back in heels. Once I've put my heatpack, anti-inflammatories and Deep Heat away and get back into my sexy six inch wedge heels I have grand plans for a new boyfriend. Ooooh yeeeeaaaah, boom chicka wah wah... and extra strength contraception.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Um. Wow. To the dream.

    Otherwise, I'm sorry your back has been an issue. Hang in there, mama - with your back and your girl and everything else.

  4. ah, the back. Did you ever have back problems before child birth, because after squeezing the backward-facing child out of my hooch for two hours, VOILA, occasional back yuckiness! Hooray! Hope yours gets better soon.

  5. Gah, sorry to hear about your back, glad you're getting better.

    And that is a weird ass dream! Did you wake up and crave bacon?

  6. WTF Wednesday is right!!

    I missed you at would've been SO wmazing...

  7. That sucks about your back! Hope they gave you some good drugs?

    That has to be the funniest dream I've ever heard!!! I love you even more!

  8. Frying your child like bacon, eh? Seems perfectly logically to me!

    Hope your back gets better. My husband has chronic back pain and I know how awful it is to be hurting.

  9. Some of those drugs are great for back pain. Flexaril is my fav. I mean, you can't drive or operate heavy machinery but who really operates heavy machinery on a daily basis?!?

    I hope your back heals quickly!

  10. It's a fact: the party doesn't truly start until someone shows up with a heating pad.

  11. Do you know how important BBC is? I think you're going to have to go to BBC Denver now. And, oh, guess what? I'll be there!

    Both my husband and I have back issues. I made the mistake of filling both of our vicodin prescriptions at the same time one day. Let's just say I got a wink and told to have a great weekend from the Pharmacy Tech!

  12. I don't think there's anything wrong with dreaming about bacon. Even baby bacon.

  13. If my kids were cold I'd throw them in the microwave...I'm so Not a cook ;)

    WTF indeed....LOL

    How are you feeling??? Is the back any better..with my fibro I am constantly "sore" so the heating pad for me!!!!!

    Just take ur pills lady and rest, rest rest xoxo

  14. First, I love 'Salem's Lot.

    Next, better to be cooking the friend rather than be cooked by the friend.

    Next, congratulations to your girl.

    Lastly, backs are asshole.

  15. If I had to be fried as anything? I'd choose bacon.


  16. That's all Hansel & Gretel for the modern child. There has to be a short story in there somewhere.

    I'm sorry about your back, though. I'd lend you our heating pad, too, but my husband is kind of addicted to it. We're all sexy over here, too.

  17. You gotta love pregnancy dreams - frying her in a pan, classic! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

    That sucks big time that you couldn't do the BBC thing and meet A. But it sounds like recovery is in the works!

  18. I go for the cold pack, myself. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Sounds like you've been on that heating pad a little too long....

  20. We were destined to be friends. I don't go anywhere without my ass pillows. Yes. I have more than one. MY AWESOMENESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS.


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