Monday, August 22, 2011

MIA Monday

Hola, bitches.

I messed up my back & spent Friday & Saturday situinf on a heating pad at home. Right now, I'm sitting on a heating pad at work.


I'll have more bitchy goodness on Wednesday, but for today, let's drop a little philosophy:

Is it more important to be feared or loved? I say feared, because you can pay someone to love you long time.

What do you think?




  1. Situinf back. That's fucked. How are those pain meds?

    Come back soon - you're even more entertaining when you're in pain.

    You're fucking delightful.

    Sarah xxx

  2. i say loved because you can be loved, but then kick someone in the shins to spark sudden fear. once you're feared, it's hard to work in the love.

  3. Hahahaha: "because you can pay someone to love you long time."
    What you need to do is get some of that needle stuff, what's that called? Oh, yea, Heroin. I hear that really helps.
    Feel Better!!!

  4. definitely loved. I wouldn't want to pay someone for love and then see fear in their eyes the entire time. That'd just be creepy. You could, however, tell them to look away.

  5. I do not know what "situinf" means. sigh. But I do know about back pain- Feel better!!! Cruel to be kind baby- bring the fear bring the funk.

  6. Oh gawd, not the back!!! There is nothing worse than back pain. I'd rather be loved but I do like it when the right people fear me.

  7. I've got a bad back too, so I feel your pain. For real, I feel it shooting right down my left ass cheek.

    If everyone fears you, that could be lonely. But if everyone loves you, that could get old real fast.

    I'll go with your answer. Sometimes you don't even need money, just funny words.

    I love you, long time, Suni, looooooong time!!

  8. So sorry about your back. Just got back from vacation where I joined the kids in a little horseback riding. My back hasn't been the same. Or my crotch. Ouch. Can't we be loved with a side of fear? That usually works best for me.

  9. I'm visiting my parents counting the minutes until I can get on the plane and escape my ass of a dad who lives/rules by fear. I wish we lived closer so I could steal your meds and give you a non-creepy massage. Love all the way, baby.

  10. Oooh your it feeling better today? I hope so, you poor awesome lady!

    Um are we talking about my sons or people in general? LOL. I believe I'd rather be loved but lately being feared gets more shit done in my house since my yelling voice is feared (or ignored..whatever)

    I'm incapable of a usual! LOL

  11. It's totally better to be loved. If you're loved, people let their guard down around you. Then you can really fuck with them.

  12. oh jaysus. I'm currently sitting here with my back AND neck taped. With that kenesio (sp?) tape stuff. Sucks. AnyHoo. Feared. Def.

    MommaKiss [blogger is an asshole]

  13. I like being loved. I also like being feared.

    But really?

    I'd pick being well-fed over everything.

    Oh yeah.


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