Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's all going according to plan.

You would not even believe my day.


It's like everyone who is awesome in the universe opted to be my friend.

First, Kir of The Kir Corner, has asked me to share my Proud Mommy Moment.  If you think I'm just an awesome badass - well, I am, but I also have a small inkling of some sort of non-anger feeling that makes me connect with other humans sometimes - in this case, the girl.  [Full disclosure, I am not a completely unfeeling automaton like Mitt Romney, I am more of an acerbic wit, like Dorothy Parker.]


So go, read all about it.

And in other news, I am old.  I know, I know, I SEEM so young and lighthearted.  Luckily, I'm over at Naked Girl in a Dress, explaining how I just recently realized that I have entered my twilight years.  Kelly, who is now running Studio 30 Plus like a boss, kindly asked me if I would guest post at her site, which, uh, FUCK YES. Of COURSE I would.  So I'm over there, polluting the waters.

I am slowly but surely making my move toward world domination.

Bitches better beware.