Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Movie Time

This past weekend I saw TWO movies at the movie theater. TWO. The last time that happened was . . . never. I can't remember the last time I saw two movies in a weekend.  There have been years when I haven't seen two movies in 12 months.

Evidently I'm getting the hang of this empty nest thing.

Anyway, I saw The Five Year Engagement with the ever-lovely Grande Mocha [who still hasn't pushed publish on a blog - WE ARE WAITING!].  It was pretty good, although we both decided that we weren't going to be having Zingerman's potato salad anytime soon.  Also, I think Jason Segal really enjoys being naked in movies, which I guess is fine, except . . . it's not as appetizing as if, say, that guy who plays Damon on Vampire Diaries enjoyed being naked in movies.

See? Do you get what I mean? Source.
Oh! And speaking of naked men in movies, we saw the preview for Magic Mike, that stripper movie with a bunch of young guys and Matthew McConaughey, who I understand enjoys being shirtless, which I am fine with.  There's something about that guy - I'm not generally a fan of potheads because they tend to be slothlike and stink of pot or patchouli or ferrets, but a well-scrubbed McConaughey would be an exception.  You just know he's got lots of dirty thoughts.

Anyway, I said, "I could go see that movie," and Grande Mocha said, "I could spend all day seeing that movie." So we have a plan.

I also saw Dark Shadows with the husband, which I thought was very nice of him.  He didn't watch Dark Shadows on tv as a child [and yet I married him anyway] but he does enjoy Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies, and gets quite happy with Helena Bonham Carter, so it was a good choice.

I liked the movie - there's something wonderful always about Tim Burton movies.  I think he and M. Night Shyamalan do an amazing job of actually creating visual spectacles.  As you know, I am NOT a fan of "realistic" camera work [fuck you still, Cloverfield], and I really love directors who create a scene.  If I want a slice of life, I will look out my own goddamn window at the newly vacant house across the street [YES! THAT MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKER ASSHOLE neighbor across the street moved out - and shockingly owed rent, etc. I'd feel bad for the guy who owns the house, except I had to deal with the asshole every goddamn day.  Fingers crossed about the new renter!] and watch our mailman read my magazines while he's on his lunch hour.  When I go to the movies I WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED, thanks.  And that means I want to see something visually impressive.

The plot was very soap opera-y, which I liked, but the husband wasn't thrilled with.  Also, goddamn, but Michelle Pfeiffer is smoking hot.  Wow.

Anyway, that's what I did over the weekend.  How did you keep yourselves entertained? Also, is there a movie you recommend seeing? The husband and I might go out AGAIN! Can you believe it?


  1. Holy shit a movie threesome? Wait...

    My dad took my girls to see Dark Shadows on Saturday; they enjoyed it as they love the Burton/Depp collaborations too. Even though it was PG-13, I was just so...meh. Take 'em. We were going to rent Chronicle Sunday afternoon but mommy likes the bottle and the pillow, not necessarily in that order and sometimes together, so, yeah.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer is so beautiful she's actually kind of scary. Scary-beautiful. I'm trademarking that.

  3. stink of pot or patchouli or ferrets - this is why i could NEVER be a fucking hippie.

    5-year engagement was cute, although they should have made it more like a 3-year engagement. and less jason naked.

  4. I want to see Dark Shadows but I get so GGGrrrAAcccHHHHHAAARRRGGGG at the thought of having to sit NEAR people and listen to them BREATHE or nostril-whistle and rustle their wrappers and whisper "WHAT DID HE SAY?" that I get all overwhelmed and INERT and wait for it to come out on dvd. OK that is a total lie. My brother downloads them for me and I watch in the privacy of my own couch, or BED, where I can SHUSH myself if I am being too loud.

    I am either completely awesome or irrevocably damaged.

    I would totally go to the movies with you though, Suni.

    Sarah xxx

  5. I'll see that stripper movie with you, please.

  6. I saw the Avengers this past weekend . . . I love Joss Whedon's dialog, so I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't like the characters all that much. Well, I didn't like the Hawkeye character, whose superpower appears to be that he's ok with a bow & arrow, but he looks like he just picked up a bow yesterday and his arrows do funky things and I can't ever seem to figure out how he was able to chose between an arrow that would blow up when it landed and an arrow that would serve as a grappling hook.

    Anyway, though, watching shit blow up is always good fun. Especially when it has The Hulk smashing shit up. And Iron Man, because, well, he's dreamy (and The Gwyneth is barely in it -- or, maybe she was in it for more, and I didn't notice because I was too busy watching shit get blown up . . . the eye candy for this movie was Scarlett Johansen, and my penis agreed with the choice)

  7. Mr. SegAl does like to be naked in movies doesnt he? Love that confidence (however misguided it may be) I don't have much time for McConneghy either but that vampire guy? More, please.

  8. I want to see both of those movies! Segal is naked again? Hooray for male nudity! They have a lot of catching up to do. I wish Depp would do some of that.

  9. I spent my time trying to determine what makes me crash harder, eating too many Oreo cookies (classic), or eating Culver's chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos (probably classic).

    Turns out the both gave me the same effect: my pants got tighter.

  10. Niiiice. Two movies in one weekend. I love it. My local drive-in is open so I'll be seeing even more movies this summer. Sometimes we get THREE movies in one night, but always two at the drive-in. So great.

    i would recommend Men in Black III if you're at all interested. I also really enjoyed The Avengers.

    I saw the two movies you mentioned and both were good, but Five Years dragged a bit, and I always love Johnny Depp films.


  11. I saw Five Year Engagement too! And yeah, the stripper one? Pretty sure I'll be seeing that. I want to see Dark Shadows, but I think it's gonna end up being a rental.

  12. I saw Dark Shadows and it was a good time. Very silly but in the best way. And yeah ... Michelle Pfeiffer has aged really really well!

  13. I'm blocking off the whole day for "Magic Mike"!!!!


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