Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's a man's world.

Hey, you know when you meet someone online and you think, "That person's kind of a badass" and not only are they a badass, but they are also really nice and funny?

Yeah, that's what happened when I met John of The Adventures of Daddy Runs A Lot.  Do you know John? YOU SHOULD.  I mean, I assume you already do, because he kind of gets around. But in a good way!  He writes about his life - all of it.  Parenting, music, writing, working out, everything.  All of it done with such honesty and freshness that it's a pleasure to read.

He asked me to do a guest post over at his site and he, silly man, DID NOT GIVE ME ANY PARAMETERS.  Man, that could have gone really, really badly.

Instead, I talk about parenting. You know how you've always thought I'd be as a parent? Yeah, it's a good thing I'm married, is all I have to say.

Go! Read!


  1. Ohhhhhh....I thought his blog "The Adventures of Daddy HAS the Runs a Lot." I'll have to go check it out. Especially since I won't have to watch where I step anymore.

  2. sounds like someone i will love in addition to loving you. i love loving lovely people. thank you!

  3. I second Simone. Seriously, can we all get together at some point? Is that possible? Or will the universe implode from too many awesome people being in one place at one time...

  4. NO PARAMETERS? That's the very best!

    And OMG - why have I just now noticed your Platypus portrait? LMFAO... yay!!

  5. Um, I've met you. And as a parent? YOU TOTALLY ROCK, WOMAN!

  6. I am going.


    (Crawled out from under the laundry and the trash and there's actually sunshine out here. Miss you. BAD.)


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