Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Money. It's not quite a drag.

This is a sponsored-ish post.

You know how you go to a conference and you think, "Hey, I should really start making some money from this blog thing so I can do all those cool things like get someone to make a pretty cool design or even just get off of Blogger"?  You know that feeling?  I have that feeling.

Which is why I have capitulated.

To an extent.

I'm doing this promo thing during the month of August where you can buy Proctor & Gamble merchandise via a link on my blog and you get a deal and I get a few bucks.

Don't you want me to make money, like a good American? ARE YOU A COMMUNIST?

I had my options of things to talk about and I picked the Swiffer Wet Jet. Can you even guess why? BECAUSE I LIKE CLEAN, THAT'S WHY.

Actually, I like when things ARE clean, and particularly when the husband does the cleaning. Actually, I particularly love it when my mom does the cleaning, but she's not always available and sometimes I feel bad about asking my mother to clean my house. Not that she wouldn't [and with toxic chemicals normally reserved for HazMat clean-up], but because I am almost 44 goddamn years old [BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY, BITCHES] and I should probably not rely on my mommy so much.

Anyway, so when the husband does the floors - hardwood and ceramic tile and linoleum - he uses the Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit.  It's actually pretty awesome, and if I ever were able to get over my crippling distaste for manual labor, I would use it, too.  The husband does a great job on the floors, and they actually look really nice for a while. If he'd do them every day, I'd be even happier, but he keeps talking about stuff like, "I have an actual job, you know," and "Writing is not the same as cleaning the floors, so stop acting like you're doing stuff." Which, whatever.

So, in sum, your purchasing power can be harnessed here. You can clickety-click through here to get to the Proctor & Gamble site:

 <a href=",default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=swiffer-wetjet&cm_mmc=Blogger-_-Site-_-Site+Placement-_-20374" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit</a>

And order all the things you'd buy at the store from the comfort of your very own house.  You don't even have to get up.  DO YOU SEE HOW EASY I MADE THIS FOR YOU?

There's all sorts of good stuff - including:
  • 10% off all items now through August 31, 2012
  • Free shipping over $25
  • Lots of great Olympic-themed bundles and deals
And I get some sweet, sweet commission.  Everybody wins, just like they should.

Let me know if you think you'll be ordering - do you order stuff like this online?

You can also call me a sell-out.  That's fine.

PS More posting coming soon. WORK IS KICKING MY BUTT.


  1. OOoo happy early bday! I have a wetjet! My kitchen floor is only about 4ft by 4ft, so I dont use it much (weird set up. combined kitchen/living room). If I was in the market to buy stuff right now, i'd totally do it through clicking your link :)

  2. So many bloggers seem to be Leos! I will be 49 tomorrow.

  3. I haven't cleaned my floors in months. I usually make the boy spot clean with baby wipes. I am so serious. Those overly stuck-up British women who go through others' homes and tell them how filthy they are would probably try to take my children away were they to see either my hardwood or kitchen floors.

    1. I use baby wipes to clean my dashboard in my car because I'm too lazy to clean it on my own.

      Seriously, though, I love me some Swiffers.

      (LOVED meeting you!! )

  4. I use the regular swiffer which is great. Why is the "jet" thingy better? Imma make you work for this, woman! Or I could just google it....

    1. Anything Jet is better, duh. Also you can squirt liquid out onto gross spots for extra cleaning power. Like a super hero.

  5. I wish Windex would sponsor me. I practically bathe in that shit.

    1. That would be awesome. I'm a fan of varying the stream so I can write my initials or just spray the whole thing.

  6. Swiffers rock my world! Our Swiffer dust mop broke a long time ago, but I still use those refill pads for all kinds of dusting (when I actually dust, which isn't very often). I guess I should buy a new dust mop! Clickety click...

    And you aren't a sell-out. You're smart.

  7. I love having clean stuff - but, damn, do I hate cleaning.


    Good luck with the conversion . . . I managed a to conversion a couple of times, if you need a technical hand (and I might have some server space that I can let you have, if you're looking to save some money)

  8. Gawd damn Commies!

    I don't know what it is, but blogger is like my abusive boyfriend that I just can't break up with. Also? I fear change.

  9. My Mom always cleans when she's at my house. I used to find it insulting, then I realized I was being stupid and started meeting her at the door with a bottle of Mr. Clean and a rag.

    I freaking LOVE the Swiffer wet jet.

  10. I had a nanny that cleaned and did laundry. Then she moved away to leave me to raise my kid on MY OWN in a DIRTY HOUSE. TRAGIC!!! There is Lifetime movie material there.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You look so pretty today!

  11. BTW the linky thing shows up as text on my Nook and DOESN'T WORK. It's like you WANT me to get out of bed to get my laptop.

  12. Swiffers are a household necessity. And happy birthday!

  13. wordpress, baby, wordpress. you can do it. I loves me a swiffer, oh yes i do. i had one to clean my new york kitchen, which was so small a full-grown person could barely fit lying down on the floor--which you wouldn't want to do b/c even though i love a swiffer i hated mopping the floor. Blech.
    Happy happy birthday!!


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