Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't be an asshole - go vote.

O.k., I know we're ALL SICK UNTO DEATH about the election, and politics and yadda yadda yadda. I've not been overtly political online, but I've been obsessively following the presidential race, as well as the races in my area.  I'm a sucker for information and I often find myself dreaming that I live in a land of The West Wing, where we're all walking and talking and postulating and gesticulating and making policy decisions and learning about stuff and hanging out with Jed Bartlett.  Man.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

It would.  Shut up.

Anyway, I honestly don't care who you vote for - I mean, obviously I want you to support my candidate

but I truly don't care - I just want you to go vote.

Because what the fuck? How lazy are you? Sure, I know, you think your vote doesn't matter, and politicians are all the same, and you can't change the system and blah blah blah. I get it. I've heard all the arguments.  I'd LOVE IT if the revolution came and it wasn't televised, but in the reality we have now, we are a theoretically participatory democracy.

So go participate.

Why would you shirk your responsibility? We Americans are some of the laziest fuckers in the history of people.  We can foment regime change simply by casting a ballot, but so many people think it takes too much time and the lines are always long and they've got better things to do.  For fuck's sake, for a group of people who will get up to wait in line at 4:00am the day after Thanksgiving to get the latest Flagellate-Me-Elmo, we can't set aside an hour or so out of our day to go and be a good citizen?

What the fuck is wrong with you if you can't take that much of an interest in what's happening in your world?

This is probably not the usual type of Get Out The Vote glad-handing any campaign would want, but I don't care. I'm embarrassed to be part of a group of people who think nothing of lining up for hours to get a good seat for the last Twilight movie [sweet god, is that OVER YET?] but can't get their ass to the polls to make sure that their interests are represented.

Do the right thing.  Go vote.  You'll feel good about yourself AND you get a sticker.  Everybody wins.


  1. Nice! I'm Canadian but even I'm desperate for y'all to vote!

  2. I completely agree with you. Nothing irritates me more than people who bitch and complain about whomever is in office and then when I ask them if they voted, they say no. Seriously? They have no room to complain if they couldn't be bothered to vote!

    Now...can you tell me how I can find that Flagellate-Me-Elmo?
    It's for a...uh...friend.

  4. I had a younger woman, mid-20s say to me her reason for not voting was she's not part of the electoral college and her vote, the popular vote, doesn't matter anyway. Also, she said enough other people were voting that her one won't make a difference. As I refrained from slapping the absolute shit out of her, I said, my husband's grandmother is 94. She voted last week. Give me your reason(s) again?

  5. I got back from voting five minutes ago and I'm dorky enough to feel proud to have played a part in the democratic process.

    And I'm possibly prouder that I've never waited in line to see a Twilight movie.

  6. YOURS is the best get-out-the-vote I've seen. I've brought my kids into the booth with me even when they were toddlers, and they're amazed by the whole thing, especially my eight-year-old warlord-wannabe: why aren't there wars about this, he asks; and also: do we kill the other team?
    He's a bit...medieval, but still: VOTE, dammit, precisely because we DON'T kill each other.

  7. I never got my absentee ballot sent when I requested it. But I could have done more to try and follow up.

    Still, my candidate is your candidate and in NY (my previous state) my vote wouldn't have done the good it would have done in, say, Texas.

  8. I'm going to still love you, even though our political views are different (sorta), because that's what this great country is all about! And YES, I voted! In TX!


  9. As the guy in the line in front of me said yesterday, "I guess if people died to protect my right to vote, I can manage a couple hours in line."

    This is the only timenyou will ever hear me glad to hear Michigan go Blue!

  10. i'm just glad we don't have more than one first lady!

  11. Well said. I was on my 18-year-old like a burr on wool socks to get over to the polls and vote. I called her three times. She may have voted only to get me off her back.

  12. I was #105. It took less than 20 minutes. 100 years ago women fought for my right to vote, I can't waste that!

  13. I miss CJ, Josh, & the rest of the West Wing gang too! That's where I fell in love with Christin Chenowith.

  14. I got my sticker. And my candidate won. I like to think the two are correlated.


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