Thursday, November 8, 2012

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

Hey, so I was MIA for a while. 

Not the cool MIA - I wasn't making Paper Airplanes or doing badass stuff onstage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Instead, I took an unscheduled sabbatical.

I was in something of a blogging funk.  Not that I didn't have thoughts swirling around, but the thoughts were mostly thus:


So, not really conducive to writing anything coherent.  I spent the best part of last week constantly refreshing The Washington Post, The New York Times,, and Wonkette [for comic relief], while keeping myself to a schedule of only texting the girl every 2.5 hours, because I didn't want to freak her out or drain her phone battery.  I was probably not the most productive employee.

The girl was fine.  Her school lost power, but she spent a few days at a friend's house - where they had also lost power.  Some of the area businesses had power, so they spent time shopping and at Starbucks and having a spa night.  All in all, not a bad way for a teenager to experience her first hurricane.  She did feel a little sick toward the end of the day on Wednesday, but by then the school had power again and so she went back and spent the night there.

I?  Spent a lot of time practicing my deep breathing.  Not that I didn't trust the family that she was staying with to protect her, or the school for that matter.  I know that they took their responsibilities seriously.  My problem was that there was nothing I could do.

I couldn't fly her out, because the airports were closed.  I couldn't go get her because we'd be driving into the path of a hurricane/snowstorm.  So she was out in the world and I had to let it all happen.

For a control freak, this was not good.

It did, however, make me realize that I could slightly let go of things and that would be o.k.  I could step back and not have to be the person who made all the plans and thought through all of the contingencies.  I could step back.

Tiny baby steps to allowing myself to just be.

The kitty helping me relax. By ignoring the papparazzi.


  1. Letting go is hard to do. Or wait, is that "breaking up?" I can't remember. Let's just say they both suck, mkay?

    Glad all is well, Mama Bear. :)

  2. Uh, I would have been a super freak. A SUPER FREAK. I'm glad she made it through without any problem.

    Election night, my girl called me to tell me her precinct was in a "sketchy" area and the parking lot was full so she had to park a block away. She kept in touch me w/me for the next hour, telling me how long the line was, until suddenly her phone went dead. By this time, it was dark. I didn't panic, for about an hour, but then I went into super freak Mama mode. When 3 hours had gone by w/out a word, I sent out the posse. I facebooked her roommates and boyfriend. They found her car but not her. I made them go into the precinct where the line was wrapped around the building and look for her. She was there, still waiting to vote with a dead phone. 4 1/2 hours of standing in line. But she was okay.

    It is exhausting having girls who've left the nest.

  3. Thought of you.

    And wondered how you'll ever handle it, b/c I"ll be counting on you, very very soon, to show just how to do it.

    Love you, Suni.


  4. After all of this, it has to feel good to know that, despite the fact that your daughter was stuck in the middle of a hurricane, that she was able to keep herself safe.

    You've done good work, momma.

  5. I'm so glad your pumpkin is okay.

  6. Welcome back from being MIA!

  7. It's hard as hell to let go and let thing happen as they may (were intended? Eh. Not sure about that part all the time). Trust that you've taught her well.

  8. Good for you for NOT setting out in your car into the path of a hurricane, as some would have. GAH, I'm twitchy just thinking about the whole thing.


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