Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's that time of year

Hola, bitches.

I'm enjoying the last bits of fall, making myself wait until I start playing my Pandora Michale Buble Holiday channel non-stop 4EVER.  I'm sure everyone anywhere near me is thankful for that, at least. 

I accidentally went shopping during what turned out to be a massive pre-holiday sale at Macy's over the weekend [I got new pillows for the girl's bed and a Martha Stewart cast iron Dutch oven for delicious winter-y goodness] and was pretty much overwhelmed by ALL THE PEOPLE and holy fuck, did I do all my shopping online last year? I must have, because I don't remember this level of crazy happening at the mall.

It's reinforced my belief that there should only be fun things for the holidays - fun, happy things that don't stress you out and keep you trapped with diarrhea in a public restroom that is making everything worse.

What I have been doing in anticipation of the holiday season is connecting with people who are fun and doing only those things that I enjoy.  Hence, my foray into the world of Elf Shaming, a maniacal funfest of weird elfy-bizarreness from the feverishly brilliant mind of Kim from Let Me Start By Saying

So, head on over and see what has transpired.  It's easier than trying to figure out what to get your father-in-law [seriously. I need an idea.].




  1. That is the sucky part of a recovering economy...all those people. It makes me shiver.

  2. It was fun to have you over today! You always make me laugh.
    Also: I do most of my holiday shopping online. I'd hate to have to strangle people while shopping, which gets more likely the closer to Christmas we get.

  3. I'm not getting anybody (other than my kids and maybe two others) anything. Seriously. Merry fucking Christmas, y'all. I give you the gift of having me still in your family and as a friend BECAUSE THAT'S ALL I'VE GOT. Buy your own damn tv.

    I am not interested in the shopping and yes, most of mine is done online now. My sister says my mother wants some tv from Walmart and will I stand in line with her at 4 a.m. on black Friday? I stared at her, incredulous. The only thing that could come out? "Are you high?"

  4. Does the F-I-L like beer? I got my step father this brew your own beer at home kit thing and he thought it was pretty cool. It was cheap enough to say "hey, I at least included you in my shopping and managed to buy something that involves one of your interests" but not so expensive that I regretted it when he only used it once and put it up on the - I used this once but I'll probably throw it out in a year - shelf. http://www.mrbeer.com/

  5. I'm with Art Camp: the beer of the month club. (my husband loves this gift. Never gets old)


  6. I haven't made it into too many stores yet but the traffic here recently has been SO MUCH CRAZIER than usual. And it's usually pretty crazy. I think something's going on, Suni. I think everyone is losing it. Off to hear about your elf escapades. xoxo

  7. Really, mobs this early? I'll remember to stay away for a while, sales or no! Crowds make me twitchy

  8. The craziness at the mall is absurd - wholly absurd.

    My biggest challenge, right now, is what to put on my holiday playlist. You'll see that post when it comes out, because I'm annoying about it.

    As far as what to get your father in law? Doesn't booze work?

  9. I'm glad I found you today - from Let Me Start By Saying mentioning you. I hear ya - I like to shop. But I get claustrophobic in large crowds - like panic hyperventilate crazy woman....

    Good luck!!

  10. You're such a mush. ;-) I like Christmas bonanza too.

  11. i'm boycotting gifts this year. unless they involve another kind of dutch oven. because those are free.

  12. I would rather have diarrhea in a public restroom than go Christmas shopping.

    Just saying my truth.

    p.s. Hope you're killing it in NaNoWriMo.

  13. I'm getting my dad a gift certificate to his fav pizza place.

  14. You had me at "things that don't stress you out and keep you trapped with diarrhea in a public restroom that is making everything worse" and now I am in love with you!

    Poop talk. I never get enough of it and nobody ever wants to hear it.


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