Thursday, January 3, 2013

But Enough About Me.

I'm on Day 4 [5?] of a migraine, which is negative integers of fun.  It's also the reason I'm so loopy and slow-witted and, sure, why not, bloated.

When I get these fucking migraines, it's hard to focus and make decisions, so I end up standing around thinking, "Shit, they don't have 2% yogurt, but that have fat-free yogurt, but I hate fat-free yogurt because it hurts my stomach [yes, I am a princess], but I wanted to get yogurt for work, so do I just get the fat-free yogurt or do I not get yogurt or, hey, what about cottage cheese?" and this type of thing will go on and on until some old lady hip checks me into the dairy case because I'm blocking her access to the Activia.

Which is my roundabout way of telling you that this post? Is full of questions I want you to answer:

1.  What was your favorite part of the holiday break?  Mine was making and eating caramel corn.  In unrelated news - my pants no longer fit.

2.  Have you read Gone Girl? I have, and I want to talk about it, so who's down for a virtual book club? Because I need to discuss this book.

3.  What calendar did you get for 2013?  I got an Anne Taintor calendar.  I kind of love it.

Sorry for the blur.  Evidently my iPhone has glaucoma.
3A.  Do you save your old calendars or day planners?  I toss mine - I had The Bloggess's calendar last year and it's already in the trash.  But I still haven't thrown away my day planner pages.  I'm not sure why.  I barely look at the pages when I get home from work [which means I often end up not doing stuff I had written down for the end of the day] so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to flip through the pages and go, "Oh, look, on March 16, 2012, I had a conference call at 9:30, got my period, and had to return books to the library," and yet I can't seem to sweep the pages off my desk and into the trash can directly underneath.

4.  What present did you really want, but didn't get?  And don't be all, "World peace," because A) Duh; and B) Nobody likes that guy.  I wanted an iPad.  I'm saving up to get one for my anniversary - or Arbor Day.  Also WORLD PEACE.  HAHAHAHA. I'm an asshole.

5.  Tupperware or disposable stuff?  Tupperware.  That shit lasts YEARS.  But also some disposable stuff, for when I give people stuff to go.  I don't like anyone enough to give them my Tupperware.

Well, lovers? What say you?


  1. I work in the stationery industry and love Anne Taintor. She's even nice in real life, which makes her even MORE awesome.

    I toss my calendars and don't even have a "real" one this year. Last year I had a rip-off-a-day comic one that made me laugh, but alas, the world apparently ended on Dec. 31 because I never bought another one.

    As for gifts, I really only wanted a new electric can opener and an Amazon gift card to buy books and other things like my tea because I'm a princess who requires special tea three times a day. I got both. Win-win!

    Hope you feel better. Oh! Tupperware. It will outlive me, no doubt.

  2. I hate migraines. They stop my world cold.


  3. ah tupperware. i have some far inferior knockoff that is apparently breeding in the cupboard because every time I open that cupboard, there are fourteen more lids than there were the day before. Weird. It's as if the missing socks morph into the what-does-this-fit lid. Strange, strange, strange. Kept calendars from when my kids were tiny babies and not just people; but switched to digital calendars in order to make sure that Husband & I always knew whose turn it was to pick up children, milk, booze. Not necessarily in that order. Happy New Year, SuniVersi.

  4. 1. Visiting my kids' favorite cousins ties for first, with getting away from my kids' favorite cousins (and their batshit crazy mother)
    2. No, but I think I wanted to at some point, and can't remember why, but I have two others in queue, without the capacity to comprehend either
    3. Back Back Together, and a free one from my father in law, with custom cars on it.
    3A. Yes, because it usually hangs at work, and it may come in helpful someday, when some trainwreck sues me for not giving her some obscure day off with her latest boyfriend
    4. A new sweater from Desigual, that won't fit in 3 months because I will have either, A. lost weight, or B. gained so much I can't wear anything but my hubs' old Tees
    5. Neither, glass, because I'm incredibly weird about plastic in the micro. But I put kid crap into the toss away ones. Mostly because the shit barely comes home from school as it is, and the glass containers would probably be listed as a possible weapon.

    Peace in 2013 to you, my Suni!

  5. 1. On New Years Day, I laid around in my jammies all day watching Tivo.

    2. No, I'll read it with you.

    3. I got a free calendar from the city. It hangs in the kitchen. I probably recycled last years.
    I'm digital. I only put stuff on the calendar that my husband needs to know about.

    4. I bought my Christmas present from my husband & shopped with my mom & picked out my present from her.

    5. We have a little of everything, Tupperwear, disposable, glass. I'm putting them in the cupboard with the lids on. Takes more space but less time looking for a lid.

  6. Damn it's like you got inside my head with these questions, but maybe that's because you have a migraine and I have a 101 fever. I think we are functioning on the same level.

    So since I'm delirious, I'm gonna start answering in no particular order. Fingers crossed it's coherent.

    The Calendar - this is timely because I was just horrified last night when I found my daughter's 2012 calendar in the trash. For some reason, I cannot throw them away. Maybe deep in my brain I believe in voodoo. My 2013 calendar is guinea pigs photoshopped into the Olympic Games. I shit you not. It is hilarious.

    Gone Girl - That is the next selection for my IRL book club! And I can't get it from the library it's so popular. I'm just going to download it on my daughter's Kindle this weekend while she is away. I hate reading books off of ereaders which is odd since I don't read books anymore because I read blogs on my computer and phone.

    Favorite Part of break - Not getting up at the crack of dawn.

    Rubbermaid - Just tossed all of my shitty plasticware in September (I was so proud, it made it into a blog post) and got a box of Rubbermaid - it is durable, the lids fit together (and two of the sizes use the same lid!), and I discovering i'm really okay with 12 pieces of plasticware instead of eleventy -three.

    Happy New Year! -delirious ramble over, drops mic, shuffles away- Ellen

  7. 1. Not having to get up at the butt crack of dawn in order to get children to school on time and freezing my ass off in the process with this fucking Canadian winter bullshit.

    2. I've never heard of Gone Girl.. gasp. Guess I need to find it and read it. After I catch up on the other books I bought and still have yet to get to.

    3. I got a giant mom calendar that with four children is not bloody big enough for all the crap I have to put on it.

    3a. I keep my calendars. Only because I have a desire to scrapbook for four children. I'm still on year 2 with my first.

    4. I wanted a dressmakers dummy. Don't ask me why. I just did. I didn't get it.

    5. Disposable, I have four kids and sure as shit they ain't getting their hands on expensive stuff.

  8. You said "integers." Awesome.
    1) my tree. it was a really good one this year.
    2) nope. but i want to be in a virtual book club with you.
    3) free Norman Rockwell calendar from local pizzeria. Cuz Mr Rockwell was so Italian.
    3a) nope. I chuck 'em. No room.
    4) iPhone. I probably won't get one until I start earning some money though. Anyone want to hire me?
    5)We use the ziploc stuff but as if it's tupperware. We keep it forEVER.
    I'm really thinking about this virtual book club now. Maybe using google + and their video chat thingy?

  9. I, too, have a migraine. I blame the weather. And hormones. And the world's longest school holiday break.
    1) Not getting up to the alarm.
    2) I have read it and would love a virtual discussion of it. Let's Twitter Party one or something.
    3) A photo calendar. I make one every year. I always save them. It is the closest I will ever get to being a scrapbooker.
    4) I am guessing "winning Powerball ticket" falls under the World Peace category, huh? So, I guess I will say a desk chair that doesn't leave me practically disabled after use.
    5) Both. Whatever I can find the matching lid to when I need it.

  10. Hello! Here's to a speedy recovery!

    So. 1. Favorite part: New Year's Eve with friends and all of our kids together.
    2. I've never heard of it.
    3. I get a cheap plain calendar every year that has a week on a page. Easiest way to organize. And I save my old calendars for one year.
    4. I would really, really like a Lancel bag, but I didn't really expect one.
    5. I'm like you - both. Although I do lend out my tupperware - I have a sticker with our family name on it that won't come off when you wash. I'm so fabulous and organized. snort (just don't open that closet there)

  11. I hoard old calendars believing that one day I will do something cool and crafty with them. Seriously, I have ones from Owl Magazine from 1989. What the hell am I going to do with a 11x9 photo of a gecko?

  12. 1. Nothing-I'm for real a total scrooge but really I just wanted 2012 to be over for reasons unrelated to Christmas. Christmas just got the brunt like a red headed step child.
    2. Nope
    3. Awkward Family Pet Photos - and it was a gift
    3A. Nope
    4. I only got a few gifts and that was to many - seriously. Scrooge.
    5. Disposable - I'm a bachelorette.


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