Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My mind is a silly, scary place.

Over my delightful holiday break, I ended up seeing a lot of movies.  Some were because we got DVDs - like all the Christian Bale Batman movies and a bunch of James Bond movies [full disclosure: I did not watch all of those movies, but they were on in my house and I was often in the same room when they were playing; still, they count because they existed around me] - and some because we went to the movies.

One of the movies I saw at the theater was Les Miserables, which I have never seen or read before.  I knew kind of what the gist was, but I was pretty much in the dark about it.  In fact, I was surprised when I saw it that I knew so many of the songs.

I was also surprised that I spent pretty much the whole movie crying.  Seriously.  There was a point where I went to the bathroom and had to detour and get napkins and then I still spent the last 45 minutes of the movie trying to find a non-boogery portion of the napkin to use to wipe my eyes.

So, yes, I was hit pretty hard by the sadness [the miserableness?] foisted on the characters in the movie, but mired in all the gloom and dismay was a bit of humor.

I'm not talking about Helena Bonham-Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen as the innkeeper and his wife, although they were delightful.

What I'm talking about is the fact that, during the entire movie, anytime Hugh Jackman came on the screen - and he was Jean Valjean, so he was on screen A LOT - the last 10 seconds of this clip kept going through my mind:

Seriously.  The whole movie.  



  1. I'm taking the 12 yr old to see it. As soon as she stops calling it Less Miserable.

  2. How is it possible I don't remember that clip? HOW?

    GOD, that movie. I've lowered my medication dose, so I'm blaming that, because usually I have a heart of stone for that kind of thing. I was DRIPPING! I was windshield-wiping whole SHEETS of tears off my cheeks. I had to bite my lip until it bled to keep from full-throated sobbing! Gah, the humiliation.

  3. The great thing: as Hugh was doing all the promo for this movie he was filming another Wolverine movie, so he was like totally ripped. (le sigh) Why must he be so happily married?

    Saw movie. Knew to bring a box of tissues. Didn't sing along. AND got to miss three hours of Hobbits running around with hairy feet (sent son & hub to see that in theater next door). Win.

  4. I can't wait to see Les Mis. I didn't realize Helena Bonham-Carter was the innkeeper's wife. I bet she's awesome!

  5. I did not cry, because I was laughing at husband saying, "You know, I think I prefer my musicals with more *talking*," and I just couldn't buy Russell Crowe. I could forget Jean Valjean was actually Wolverine, Hugh Jackman was that good, but Russell Crowe wasn't good enough to make me forget he was the Gladiator.


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