Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I really, really, REALLY hate shopping.

I spent 4.5 hours at the mall this weekend. In a row.

I'm surprised there was minimal carnage. 

I hate shopping. I mean, I like getting stuff, particularly for myself, but I HATE trying to find it. I enjoy a sale, but I don't like flicking through every single hangar to find a great bargain. My dream shopping experience would be walking into a store where everything was neatly arranged, with ample space for walking and looking, and all of it is a minimum of 60% off. Plus, sales clerks who are helpful and a tiny bit obsequious. I love being catered to.

Anyway, the girl needed some stuff, the husband was at work, and it fell on me to take her shopping.  Which I didn't mind, really. We had a hilarious time, even when things were at their most exasperating. In retrospect, I probably should have made time for the Aveda salesgirl to give me a lavender scented quickie neck rub, since that would have helped me relax some and would have led to a calmer better calmer outcome for the clerk at the Apple store.

Again, no one was harmed during this shopping trip.

But they came damnably close.

I deny threatening anyone [out loud], but I do want to say, WOMEN KEEP THEIR OWN GODDAMN LAST NAMES WHEN THEY GET MARRIED, YOU KNOW? I do not make it a practice of carrying my marriage certificate with me, but you'd better believe that the next time I'm asked to sign something that has anything to do with the husband, I am signing his last name instead of mine, since that is evidently enough to show that we're married. For the Apple store, at least.

I don't even know where I'm going with this, except to say although I generally love your products [and am typing away on my iMac right now], I was more than a little exasperated trying to get the upgraded computer we ordered for the girl.


  1. You should defineatly have gotten the lavender scented quickie.

  2. I hate shopping, very much. I even made a list of the groups of people I most dislike when shopping (if you're really massively bored it's at http://thoggy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-5-groups-of-people-you-dont-want-to.html)

    And I hear you about the surname thing - my mother never changed her name when she got married (although she has been known to use my fathers surname on occasion just because it's easier to spell!)


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