Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rule of Three.

To everyone at Costco and the market on Sunday, I want to apologize.

I hadn't showered since Friday night. I spent Saturday in a sweaty frenzy of errands and party hosting. By the time I hit Sunday, I was still super tired and my thought processes weren't in fully functional order.

My hair was swept up into a frizzy old-lady bun. Including the 1.5 inches of gray at the temples [I really need to hit the salon].

I was wearing mismatched everything.

I didn't put on deoderant.

I even forgot to brush my teeth.

And so I must apologize, because I broke my Rule of Three.

It is my belief that you can be two out of three things at any time, but you cannot be all three of these things, or you are disgusting:

1.  Unwashed.
2.  Pasty skinned.
3.  Dressed poorly.

I hit the Disgusting Trifecta and nobody won.

I'll do better in the future. But probably not today.


  1. I like the rule of three. I feel sunglasses and lipgloss cover for at least two of the three.

  2. Um, you were at COSTCO. So I am sort of thinking that you had a hella lotta competition for that there prize, lil missy. You forget that a sassy sense of humor covers a multitude of sins. A MULTITUDE. It's the one fashion rule I never forget.

  3. I love that rule of three. I think it could be expanded on. There must be rules of threes for lots of things. Like, vapid/lazy/unattractive, for instance, or arrogant/narcissistic/intellectual. Hmmm not sure that one works. Arrogant Narcissistic are possible even more annoying than arrogant narcissistic intellectuals, don't you find?

  4. Umm. I think I meant stupid arrogant narcissists are even more annoying than smart ones. Did you get that? Luckily for me, I'm not arrogant or intellectual. I'm working on the other

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  6. You could have gone to Walmart and been less disgusting than 90% of the people.

  7. I probably still would've kissed you on the lips.
    So there.


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