Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello, Kissy Face!

Oh, my lovely people. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?

I have been . . . not here. Not really anywhere. Working a fuckton, and then hosting people, and then back to work.


Like, Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe magic. Including an ice queen [or maybe that was just the ice cube that flew out of my hand, onto the floor and then kept trying to make its escape as I grabbed at it until I corralled it and threw it into the sink with a bit more savagery than the situation warranted] and a lion's worth of cat hair, which has pushed cat shaving to the top of my list of Things I Will Do Someday, But Not Today, So Stop Pestering Me.

My temper may be frayed, lately.

Unrelated to anything: I wish I cared more about my yard.

Or maybe that's related to my magical to do list. I keep seeing ads/magazine spreads/blog posts on fall and its wonders [and I do love fall - it's my favorite of the seasons] and how everyone's yards look fantastic and I think, hey, I could spend a weekend doing that, and then I wake up on Saturday and I put the following songs on repeat AGAIN and then I do stupid house stuff and errands and then suddenly it's 8:30pm and I rewatch episodes of 30 Rock until I fall asleep because watching a new show is too exhausting.

I miss you all. So much.

Also, I shamed myself at physical therapy. Read about it here:


Yeah. This is my life.


  1. I MISS YOU!
    (I know. On my to-do list is being clever. Haven't quite gotten to it yet.)

  2. "Unrelated to anything: I wish I cared more about my yard. "

    Unrelated to and yet related to: me and you both. MY FREAKIN' Yard. Shouting to the world, my mental state at this time.


  3. Step away from the magazines - real peoples yards don't look like that. And the awesome ones you see, they are probably retired. Thanks for shaming yourself:)

  4. My yard...honestly WHAT YARD? and on that note, so glad we own a townhome so I don't have to feel guilty about the fact that we don't have expert landscaping. I put a wreath on the door people, what else do you fing want from me?


  5. Yard work. What's the point of that? Your shame = my best laugh of the day, so thank you.

  6. All those people at PT were empathetic because they were glad it wasn't them. The mob might have grown more troublesome if it had been a stinkeroo, but apparently t hat wasn't the case. I think it's safe to go back. All though George and Jerry and the gang would probably advise finding a new PT. But I respectfully disagree. Also...am I supposed to care about my yard? I didn't get that memo. I thought it was BigB's job to care about the yard and cars, and mine to cook stuff and make sure we have ALL the cable channels. All of them. We pretty much both stink at our domestic jobs.


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