Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pictures are bullshit.

I have a photo of me and the husband from when we first started dating.

He has Kramer hair and I'm wearing what looks like a dashiki.  Ah, the early 90s. Why so terrible?

Anyway, my cousin found this photo and gave it to me so we could all have a good laugh. Or marvel at how young we once were and sob into our Advil/heating pad nightly cocktail.

I look at it only glancingly, because it's hard to see all that laughter and excitement and gorgeous heads of hair and not wonder SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

How is our big night out going to see a 9:10pm movie that the odds are pretty good I'm going to fall asleep while watching?

Is this why people in their 40s do cocaine? So they can stay up later and have the rocking bods of their youth?

Obviously, I'm working very hard at accepting myself and living in the moment. I just wish this moment didn't taste like roughage and smell like Ben Gay.


  1. Hmmmmm......roughage.
    (And have I mentioned I MISS YOU?!)

  2. "Is this why people in their 40s do cocaine?"

    I didn't even know this.

    In case you think you've fallen off the face of the earth b/c you go to bed at 9PM

  3. It sounds more like you're just trying to find an excuse to try the coke. CRACK KILLS.

  4. I keep forgetting that I'm in my 40's..and then I think so hard about the math involved in taking 20 years from myself to make myself "in my 20's" again that I fall asleep (at 8pm) from the exertion.


  5. struggling with these questions, myself. It's not even the getting older, it's the indignity of some of the bodily things that happen at certain ages, seemingly overnight, and knowing it's not a situation that's going to improve if you cut back on carbs...ah youth. Pass the bottle.


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