Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sing a song.

I tend to break out in song quite a bit. Mostly because I want my life to be a musical [more a South Pacific-type musical, not so much a Les Miserable-type musical], and sometimes because it's an easy way for me to stop myself from thinking aggravating, stressy thoughts. A lot of times because of that.

I also tend to sing in the shower, because I adore a cliche.  I do this in the morning, quite loudly. I asked the husband the other day if he could hear me singing, and he said, "I hear that you're singing. I don't hear the words."

So now I sing songs that are about him. Just for funsies. 


  1. If I could honestly be ANYTHING for a living and be good at it, it was always my dream to be in a Broadway musical. This is still such a strong thing for me that I can't even go to one without getting super pissed off that I can't do it myself, mostly because I can't sing. I'm serious.

    In other words, you go girl.

  2. Yeah, he's just begging to have naughty stuff sung about him now. As loud as humanly possible.

  3. I'm with Abby, although I do go to Broadway Musicals and then recreate them in my brain with me in them for the next two weeks.

    I want a CHORUS LINE kind of life ;)


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