Friday, November 8, 2013

Spending habits.

I use Aveda hair products.

This is not a sponsored post, although for the fuckton of money I spend, I should be getting sponsorship offers or at least some sort of acknowledgment that but for my spending habit, they'd be a little lacking on their sales quotas.

Anyway, the thing with Aveda, as with anywhere, is that you can earn point for spending money on their stuff, which you can then use . . . to get more of their stuff.

I am terrible at this.

While I want, desperately, to be that person who gets a car for free or wins a lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni because she turned in her points or filled out a sweepstakes offer, I am instead that person who has a pile of coupons on her desk that she never remembers to stick back in her purse after carrying them around for a month and never using them, so that when she actually needs them, they are never handy, and thus expire, taunting her from the recycling bin.

So you'll imagine my surprise when I finally decided to use up some of the spending points and found that I could have used my points to purchase the little travel supply pack thingy I just spent $16 on.

I know, $16 is not a ton of money. Except that it can be, and you know what? I could have used that purchase more Aveda products or other things at full price because I didn't have my coupon with me.

So here I sit, angry at myself, the travel pack, and Aveda because they should just know and cut me a discount. It'll be better for everybody.


  1. I am so with you on this...I am a Best Buy shopaholic and forget those points I have every time I check out...until recently when I actually got something (I shouldn't have really been buying) half price. Which meant I felt half as guilty as I would have. But coupons? I am a total failure on remembering to redeem any coupons.

  2. I like using my National Coney Island points because they always tell me what points I have to use. Yesterday I got a free Diet Coke.

    Cha-ching, baby!

    *Fist pump*


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