Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seriously - what do you say?

Nearly empty women's locker room at the gym, early on a Sunday morning.  I'm in the shower - the only one - trying to untangle my mess of hair after a nice workout in the pool.

After a few minutes, I hear someone else get in one of the other 7 shower stalls.  And then I hear talking and . . . moaning?

It was weird. Really, really weird. I wasn't quite sure what I was hearing, because I had my head under the showerhead, trying to comb out my tangles. But it kind of sounded like someone was getting her rocks of.

I ignored it and assumed I was mishearing things, walking past the shower stall quickly and hurrying out of there.

What do you say to that person? Anything? What if you realize it was someone you kind of know - the mother of one of your kid's schoolmates from years ago? Do you address it? Ignore it? Just tell the internet?


  1. Ignore her directly, yell it to the internet and assume that maybe yes, she was enjoying herself or more likely, it was unconscious, as the shower made her feel better in an Herbal Essences kind of way.

  2. Oh you did the right thing, alright. Assuming she doesn't, you know, read your blog. Was she not alone? Or was she talking to herself?

  3. Always tell the internet.


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