Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wait. THAT'S not right.

Are you on Tumblr? I am [], and while I tend not to follow too many people/sites, I AM following both an interior design tumblr AND one that is dedicated to terrible real estate listing photos.

This sometimes messes up my tiny little brain.

I'd do stuff like scroll through Tumblr on my phone and see pretty pictures of nice kitchens or bathrooms or landscaping around a fabulous pool, and think, "Oooh, I'd like that."

I'd also scroll through and think, "Uh, seriously? What the fuck are these people thinking?" and sometimes it would be the terrible real estate listing photos, and sometimes it would actually be a design blog and I would wonder what the fuck people were smoking [PCP?] when they decided to design it, and what the fuck other people were smoking [Meth? Do you smoke meth? I didn't watch Breaking Bad.] when they decided, hey, yeah, that's goddamn AWESOME, here's a bag of money, let's go nuts on my house.

And then I look around my own house and wonder who I am to sit in judgment.

And then I remember WHO I AM. And I sit in judgment.


  1. You know, I still keep up with your blog in fits (on my smart phone...because I finally got a smart phone) and I rarely leave comments because I'm on my smart phone and I'm afraid someone will hack into my smart phone (through wireless things floating in air) and I don't want them to steal my important personal stuff, like the pictures of my cat.

    Anyway... right now I'm reading this post at my COMPUTER, which means I can leave a comment.

    And my comments are:

    1. I don't understand tumblr. You should write a post explaining tumblr for dumbshits like me. Provide some links and stuff. (Remember at first, how hard twitter was for me?)

    2. Casual Vacancy - I couldn't read that book. I tried. But it failed to interest me. Should I go back and try again. Did it get better? Alot of my favorite authors are starting to bore me to TEARS. It's making me a little worried. Either they are getting stale or I becoming more stupider (get it, 'more stupider'. I cracked a funny.).

    3. This has nothing to do with your post, but we saw Iron Man 3 last weekend. It was 'eh'. Perhaps my last Iron Man movie. Any rate, Pepper Potts (who is played by YOU-KNOW-WHO and SHE-WHO-NOT-BE-NAMED, but here's a hint: her website rhymes with the word POOP) died in the end, IN A FIERY FALL. I can't tell you how excited and happy I was to see the bitch go down in flames. I literally was sitting on the sofa GRINNING. BUT THEN through the magic of screenwriting, she miraculously CAME BACK TO LIFE. And it made me think of Suniverse on that Saturday night, because I figured like me, if you had been watching it, you would have also been yelling at the tv while your family looked on in concern.

    xo - France

  2. haha. both you girlies are funny. i'm too scared to post pics of my house. you might judge me.

  3. I was JUST about to ask what the name of the book was because bad eyes, but then I read FranceRants post/comment and now I know not to read it anyway. Thanks FranceRants. And Amanda is right, both you girlies are funny. God, I love saying girlies. I always think of my house when people talk about how they bring their own sheets to hotels and would never ever take a bath in a hotel bath tub. I'm like, "Get out of town, that room is way cleaner than anything in my house.". And then I judge myself. Not for long, though. Attention span of a flea.


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