Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello, Roger Ebert.

I'm not sure how this happened, but I went to three movies in one week. At the movie theater. And two of them starred Kristen Bell. I felt like Roger Ebert was my guiding force.

Friday Night: Veronica Mars
Have you seen this yet? Are you a fan? WHY NOT? WHY ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS? Veronica Mars was an amazing tv show starring Kristen Bell as a bad ass Nancy Drew. Then they made a Kickstarter funded movie. Which yes, I donated. Probably more than I had planned, because the girl kept saying, "Oh, at this level WE GET THIS!" meaning SHE gets this, because she's wearing the t-shirt and called dibs on the poster.

My friend and I went to the 7:45pm opening night showing, which was PACKED. And sold out. So we ended up in the 4th row, because neither he or I are planners, evidently. I did buy tickets ahead of time, so I count that as a win.

Anyway, the movie was great. There was a lot of audience reaction, some of the loudest from my friend. Who got shushed by the Boring McBorersons sitting next to me. The woman actually said, "Can you please stop talking?" I wanted to say, "NO HE CANNOT BECAUSE WE ARE EXCITED." But I did not, because movie shootings are a thing now.

In sum? Veronica + Logan 4Ever.

Tuesday Afternoon: Philomena
Evidently I had purchased a Groupon for movie tickets that the husband and I never used and which were set to expire. I found this out in an email reminder from Groupon, so thanks to them, I guess. The husband and I couldn't figure out a good time when we were both free, so I took my sister to an afternoon showing of Philomena the day the Groupon was set to expire. We went after a Costco run, which is how these things work for suburban ladies, I guess.

Anyway, in the theater it was me and my sister, an older couple, a single older woman, and a really old couple, where the lady had a walker. We all had Werthers Originals.

The movie was pretty good - Judy Dench looked like my mother-in-law, which was strange, since my mother-in-law does not look like M at any point in time.  Also, I was having weird sexual feelings about Steve Coogan, which continues to disturb me.

I had a passing interest in finding out more about the Magdalene Laundries, which I expressed to the husband, who shut that down with the comment, "Seriously? Are you trying to depress yourself?" And I realized no, I do not want to be sucked into that level of misery, so I'm just pretending that everything worked out fine for unwed Catholic teenage girls in Ireland.  And you can't make me think otherwise.

Wednesday Evening: Frozen
My friend and I had had dinner a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned that her sister had seen Frozen and loved it. I said that I had heard good things about it, too, so we decided we should see this movie. We finally found a date that worked [AFTER my Groupon expired, of course], and met for the movie.

We were the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE THEATER. IT WAS AWESOME. We reminisced about the time we saw Elf and we were the only people in the theater until the movie started and some person came in and harshed our buzz. And we also talked about a lot of other stuff, which we could do without shushing because WE WERE ALONE. Probably because the movie came out like 4 months ago and the DVD went on sale the day before.

At one point, I had to pee, and I called out, "Hey, can you pause this for a second?" but I don't think anyone was in the projection room, because the movie kept going. But my friend caught me up ["Her hair is turning white."] and we watched the rest of the movie in peace. It was pretty good, and I thought Kristen Bell did a great job transitioning from law school grad/private eye to princess.

I did end up having "Let it Go" run through my head for the rest of the night, which was kind of annoying because the only words I actually know are let it go, and that gets old kind of fast.

In closing, I highly recommend seeing afternoon movies, if that's an option. Also, if you're going to the OPENING NIGHT SHOW of a movie with a rabid fan base, don't be an asshole and shush people who are excited about the movie. Stay home or go on Sunday morning. Jerks.


  1. Want to see the Muppets with TIna Fey as a bad guy? To continue your week of movies.

  2. I downloaded Veronica Mars via quasi-legal means . . . haven't gotten to see it yet, but I'm thinking about doing a marathon of the show & then the movie.

    You know, as soon as I figure out how to fit more into my day.

  3. I want to quit my stupid job and come and see afternoon movies with you!!!

    During Wednesdays in Nov and Dec, this is what the husband and I do. Some Christmas shopping, lunch and then a matinee before we have to pick up the dudes. I love it, I love the movies, the snacks, the PREVIEWS!

    but I know if I went with you...oh HELL YEAH. ;)


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