Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'll never quit you.

Women's clothing is THE WORST. The worst. It's so hard to find things that don't have superfluous stitching or that actually fit well or that are not made of polyester.

I love these pants. I love them because they fit absolutely perfectly. No gap in the back. Not tight or too high or low at the waist. Perfectly hemmed for my favorite shoes. They have pockets, despite being dress pants [WOMEN NEED POCKETS, TOO, PEOPLE].

I am constantly complemented on them. People ask what brand they are because the fit is amazing. I love these black pants. I will wear them forever.

But only with long tops, because the zipper keeps sliding open.

I have no idea what the deal is. They aren't too tight, and they zip up just fine. Several days of the month, they are a bit loose in the tummy area. And yet? I have to check my zipper every time I stand up because it will invariably have come open.

So I do a little dance with my pants, because I love them and am going to wear them no matter what.


  1. I am so very glad to have a penis.

    Though I think I treasure "pants that fit well" as much as most any of the fairer sex.

  2. I have a host of skirts like this...they make me happy. Truly. Like they make my day.
    SO glad you have your pants that make you look, feel, BE amazing.

  3. I wear sweats every single day.
    No zipper.
    My life is good.

  4. I've been feeling very bitter lately about the fact that every dress I've found in my size does not have corresponding boob room. Can't ONE designer provide adequate coverage for the girls so I'm not covered up to my chin or hanging out a sign saying 'hey world, welcome to my boobs'? Honestly!


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