Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To sleep, perchance to dream.

The husband was away this past weekend. The girl, too, obviously.

I spent the weekend alone, except for those goddamn cats who are making it their goal in life to get on my very last nerve.

I'm not a good sleeper. I used to be a good sleeper. I'd easily sleep in late - until midday. That stopped even before I had the girl. I wake up a lot during the night and read for a while until I fall asleep. That's why if you drive past my house at 3am [why are you driving past my house at 3am?], there's usually a light on in my bedroom. I'm re-reading something that I know and enjoy, something that will lull me back to sleep. Something entertaining, but I already know how it ends, so I won't stay up until 5:30am to find out what happened, and then get mad when the alarm goes on at 5:40am, and boy, oh, boy, work is going to be an adventure in keeping my shit together.

So, usually, my bedside light is on until way super late.

The hall light is also on, because I don't want to trip over a cat meandering around my bedroom door.

The front porch light - which I forget even exists - is also on, because . . . it just is.

The kitchen light over the sink is on in case I need to refill my water bottle.

The laundry room light in the basement is on so the cats can see what they're doing when they're eating and doing their business.

Fine. I'll stop lying. Here's the truth: When I am home alone, all of the lights on because of monsters. I LOVE scary movies and scary stories and scary everything, until I am by myself in the dark, and then I am cursing myself for being an idiot for remembering every scary part of The Strangers or reminding myself not to say Bloody Mary three times when I am in the bathroom stress peeing.

So every light in my house is a nightlight, and planes can probably use my house as a beacon to guide them to the nearest airport.

Shit. Aliens can probably use those lights, too.

God damn it.


  1. I have a horrible habit of falling asleep in the middle of things. So, when I am home alone, it's QUITE likely that you'll find every light & television on. Though I think most monsters/aliens/intruders would leave me alone.

    Sleeping in . . . I forget what it actually means.

    My issues with sleep, lately, have not been falling asleep -- but keeping asleep. I'll fall asleep immediately, only to wake a few hours later *just* refreshed enough to not fall back to sleep. So I'll lie there & find shit to worry about until my alarm goes off. It's a wonderful cycle, truly.

  2. Hubs out of town all this week. I only have lights on in our room, but I have to close the doors to the hallway and bath to pretend the rest of the house doesn't exist.

  3. If I'm alone...lights and TVs are on. I do not like scary things, monsters or surprises under my bed.

    However, I am normally up at least 4 times a night to pee. Because...45. ;)

    Love you and next time you're up, JUST CALL. xo

  4. I am up like Kir to pee. I am still able to sleep at any time of day, just about anywhere. I can still sleep in late but I've noticed it's not happening like it used to. I'm tending to wake with the sun, then need a nap two hours later. If I'm home alone, I'm in ONE ROOM and probably the bedside lamp is on. What I hate about being alone is hearing all the shit that gets muffled when people are in the house. What the hell just ran across the roof? WAS THAT THE ROOF OR WAS IT INSIDE THE CEILING - I NEED TO LEAVE.

  5. If I could have my whole house PITCH BLACK every night, I would.
    No fears here.

    Just annoying tiny bits of light that want to steal my sleep.

    p.s. That car outside your house at 3:00 am might have been mine. Don't be frightened.


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