Tuesday, July 31, 2007


SOOOO unbearably hot today.

But I had a lovely therapy session - my last in a while, because our co-pay is going up from $0 (yup, ZERO) to 50%. So, I'm cured!

Anyhoo, I'm in the process of being positive, so I'm positively looking forward to starting up with the student services therapy in September. I look at August as a nice month off - a vacation from emotional growth, if you will.


So the kid is finding it HILARIOUS to keep saying, "Well, you are 40, after all" even though I am only 38 (I'll be 39 in 14 days - mark those calendars). I don't know why it bugs me, because I look forward to getting older (so I can become one of those cranky old ladies. Well, an old lady, anyway. The cranky is always there.), but it just irks me. In a positive way, of course.


How is it, that the first weekend in AGES that you and your significant other have any time alone together is automatically the weekend you get your period?


We've started watching Arrested Development again. Man. That show is teh funny. Way teh funny.

GOB: Illusions, Michael. Tricks are what whores do for money.

And on that note - ta ta!


  1. A triumphant return to the blogging world! Yay! I'm SOOO glad you're back!

  2. Thanks Irene! I'm glad to be back! Thanks for stopping by!


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