Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey There!

So. Been a bit busy lately.

School stuff (exam, writing, studying).

House stuff (the whole furnace deal).

And the latest - G blew out her knee while skating the other day. DISGUSTING.

She's much better, once they popped the kneecap back into place (for which she was thankfully knocked unconscious and I was quite thankfully out of the ER room) but she's on crutches and in a brace and has to see an orthopedist on Monday and . . . I'm VERY VERY tired and realizing the world is a much better place since I'm not in one of the caring professions.

O.k., I'm off to do laundry and do homework and pray for sweet relief (because of COURSE E has to work today. Of course).


  1. Even though you warned me with the capital lettered "DISGUSTING," I still got a little woozy when I read the next paragraph.

  2. I swear. I almost hurled when I saw it. It was one of those things where you see it, and then go . . . No. I'm not seeing it right. That's just completely fucked up.


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