Wednesday, October 17, 2007


* I hope everyone is watching Reaper on Tuesday nights at 9pm because it is hilarious and I don't want them to cancel it.

* It's amazing how a well made garment actually looks really nice and holds up well. I'm done buying cheap ass clothes.

* I ate a bunch of sausage and now my stomach hurts. Not totally surprising, but upsetting nonetheless.

* I still haven't had G's photos developed from August. I have 2 disposable cameras sitting on my desk, as well as 130 digital photos on my computer. LAME.

* I have not put out one single Halloween decoration and it's my favorite holiday. That makes me sad. But evidently sadness is not incentive to fix things.

* I have a Wonder Woman lunch box on my desk, and damn, she's got a very skimpy outfit on.

* I'll have to take a picture of my desk and "shelf" (which is actually a broken chair) so you can see how I work. Like a crazy person, that's how.

* I need to go eat some fruit or something reasonably healthy. That sausage is not doing me any favors.


  1. I like Reaper, too. Ray Wise as the devil is casting genius!

  2. Oh, I do that, too. Even though my stomach is bursting with the effects of some badass food, I figure that throwing a little fruit or some lettuce down there on top of it will fix everything up.


  3. Suzanne - Ray Wise is PERFECT. Best casting since he was on Twin Peaks.

    Kathy - It just makes sense, doesn't it?


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