Monday, November 5, 2007

You'll Never Guess What!

We have a new furnace!

There is heat in our home!

(It is also dark as fuck at 6:00pm - stupid ass daylight savings time.)

I have a bunch of windows open because of that new appliance smell. Ugh. I hate that. Also new car smell. Make me gag. Anyway, I set the thermostat really low so it won't kick on and make stinkies. So. Good job getting the furnace. Once it stops smelling I'll be happy to use it.

Today was invigorating, if by invigorating you mean it was a day where we didn't get 12 inches of snow threatened. So, yay! I'm not ready for winter. If I tolerated the heat better, we'd totally be living in southern climes.

Tomorrow is election day, so don't forget to vote. I love voting. LOVE IT. Exercising my civic duty makes me feel like I'm making a difference. (Please do not burst my bubble by explaining things to me. I'm enjoying living in pretend-land.) G is off so my dad will be over to watch her. Meaning I think we can go vote before work/school. I hope.

I wish everyone had election day off. Then we could have Election Parties and go vote and wear straw boaters and play banjos and have a parade!

Well, a gal can dream, right?


  1. I love your Election Day idea and not just because it would give me an excuse to play the banjo in public, but I'm having real trouble dealing with the cognitive dissonance of having such a celebration on the day we elected George W. Bush as president.

  2. I'm in for a boater. Even if it would probably make my ears stick out.

    All we've got today is a local school funding initiative and a school board seat. I shoulda voted absentee for such a puny ballot, but I'll drag myself over to vote live anyway.

  3. Yay banjos and boaters!

    Gary - I try not to think of GWB at all, nor that he has forever tainted something as fun as election day.

    Kathy - Still, voting for a school board seat, that's KINDA fun!


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