Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's bitterly cold here today. I'm more a temperate gal myself, so I'm staying in. I did go out to the mailbox (in pjs/slippers/sweatshirt - when did I turn into that crazy old lady who walks around in a housecoat?) and that was plenty, thanks. Negative windchill is not for me.


I'm in class with a lot of whippersnappers. It's odd to me that their email signatures include their address and phone numbers. I guess I'm still stuck in that "there is such a thing as privacy" mode. I'm so old fashioned.


Got the girl's report card. She did well, but our favorite part was on the self-assessment type sheet where she had to write down what her favorite book was and why - "Because it was masterfully written." Yeah. O.k.


Speaking of the girl, I'm thinking of getting her a cell phone. Not that she's ever asked for one, or shows an inclination for wanting one, but I think it's time she started with conspicuous consumption.

Actually, I'd like to be able to reach her and have her reach me/the husband. But is 11 too young?


Yesterday in several classes I managed to stun teachers into silence. Not through brilliance, though.

First Class:
Prof: Any questions?
Me: Yeah. I don't understand any of this.
Prof.: Um. What?
Me: None of it. I don't get any of it.
Prof: Oooookaaaay.

Second Class:
Prof: Blah blah blah . . . I read Middlemarch, and it was great.
Me: Seriously? Middlemarch?
Prof: Uh. I liked it.
Me: That book was terrible. I got 1/2 way through and had to stop.

Because Hi! I just say stuff.


Time to do work. I'm so disciplined.


  1. Matt got his first cell phone when he was 12. And there times before he got it that I wished he had one. So I think 11's probably OK. But be prepared for it to be dropped, lost, scratched, washed in the washing machine, etc. In other words, buy a cheap/free one for a starter phone.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I think cheap or free is definitely going to be the way to go.


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