Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just another Saturday Night

I had the biopsy done yesterday. It went pretty well - they found the lump quickly on the ultrasound and I spent minimal time laying on the table with my boob through the hole of the table, immobile. The gouging and tugging was not so terrible because of the Lidocaine. Of course, also because of the Lidocaine, I ended up with the shakes (epinephrine) and nearly fainted when I tried to get up. So I spent a good 20-30 minutes laying down with my feet up trying not to hurl or pass out.

The doctor, nurse and E were all really good about it. They alternately patted (nurse) held my hand (E) and talked to me (Dr.) in a soothing manner. All in all, I would highly recommend them for your biopsy needs.

Things looked good, and I'll get the final pathology results by Wednesday. I'm now the proud owner of not only a hole in my boob, but also a little piece of titanium marking the spot of the lump. COOL!

I spent the rest of the day yesterday relaxing. By relaxing, I mean alternately taking meds and icing my boob while watching:
  • 3 episodes of Bones (my friend hipped me to this, and it's a good show. I enjoy smart talking; I'm not so crazy about the gory bits, so I look away a lot.)
  • 2 George Clooney movies (Michael Clayton and The Perfect Storm - I dig Tilda Swinton, but she was barely in that movie, right? How did she win an Oscar? And I thought the boat movie was too long. Also, they all looked like they smelled. And my friend - who came over and brought me dinner since E had to work late - and I argued that one of the actors was either Hugh Jackman or Orlando Bloom; he was neither.)
  • Part of Chris Rock Kill Messenger (not as funny as his first special - but he has on a killer tuxedo in London or Johannesburg; I could do without the shiny leather jacket he wore in NY.)
  • And a 30 Rock episode (I don't think Steve Martin is a comic genius. He's just a guy with white hair who did a lot of cocaine. There. I said it.).
Today I studied and played Rock Band. We played an Offspring song, Come Out and Play, the CD I've owned for at least 10 years, and sung along with for even more YEARS without knowing, until tonight, that it's about gangs. Who knew? I thought it was a peppy c'mon let's party song. I was mistaken.

Time for a bit more studying before bed.

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