Monday, December 22, 2008

Back to Work

Went back to work today - I love my job, but I'm still tired from the party and would have like another day to just regroup. As it was, I spent a good portion of the day flaking. Productivity is what I'm about.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I've got one thing to get for a friend - something small, and I have no idea what - and a rainjacket type thing for E. And then I'm out. Well, maybe a cute knit dress for me. I have this great black and white jacket,

and I was wearing it today with a black silk & cashmere sweater and black pants, and as I was standing in the bathroom washing my hands and checking out how awesome I look, I thought, this would look GREAT with a black knit dress. Or pink. So I'm keeping my eyes open.

My husband and brother-in-law are trying to tell me and my sister-in-law that Stephen Colbert is funnier than Jon Stewart. They are sadly mistaken.

While Colbert is funny, he is no match for the wonders of Jon Stewart, Dreamy Satirist. Colbert is hammy; Stewart is delightful roast beast.

And no, we are not blinded by our love of Mr. Stewart's ravishing good looks. He is undeniably awesome, and we simply recognize that. His beauty is just another aspect of his appeal.

Mmmm . . . sweet and tasty.


  1. Totally agree with everything in this post.

    Well, OK, I don't really know anything about the rain jacket thingy. But otherwise...


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