Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Clever Title Goes Here

Long week. Long Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

Thursday the girl was sick so I stayed home with her. You'd think I would have done something productive besides watch a lot of recorded t.v. and DVDs. But you would be mistaken. I did go out into the subzero temps and get medicine for the girl. And I found a pair of waterproof gloves for her for $2.49! Go me! Go lady at Target who decided that was the price when we couldn't find a barcode that worked!

Friday morning was horrible. It was so cold that school was canceled. I took the girl to my parents and then had a horrific panic attack while driving, fearful that I was going to lose my case and more importantly die because I was driving in subzero weather. I'll spare you the gory details and insane rambling. But on the plus side, I got to work safely and won my case - hooray! I'm a rock star!

Then E and I went to a friend's house for game night, which was a lot of fun. I tend to get crazy competitive while playing games with this group of people. CRAZY competitive. But I was with a lot of people who were also crazy competitive, so that was fine. Pictionary among these people is SCARY. We did speed Pictionary, where each group draws the same thing and whichever team guesses correctly first wins. There were many charges of YOU STARTED DRAWING BEFORE THE TIMER WENT!

Yesterday was the girl's friend birthday party. Because we are busy/procrastinators, E and I did little to prepare and thus spent the morning with me cleaning and him running around getting food/balloons/ice cream cake during the ridiculous snow that decided to fall. AGAIN. Seriously. I'm done with this bullshit.

I confess, I snapped a bit at the girl during the cleaning/organizing, which made me feel shitty. Happy Birthday Party! You're mom's a bitch! But I apologized and she's amazing and forgave me and went on to have an awesome Rock Band party. After she made me remove a tray of liquor from the party area. I guess she didn't want the kids to get that into character while playing Rock Band.

I got to hang out with a friend of mine, which was nice. E watched some sort of sporting event. Frankly, the best party we've had for the girl since we just supplied food/beverage/cake/decor and the kids entertained themselves. IT WAS AWESOME!

I've spent about 4 hours putzing around trying to finish a paper and it's not going anywhere. Well, I'm getting some stuff done, it's just not all done. So I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Idiotic perfectionism.

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