Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What happened to me?

Last night I attended my first blogger meet up with BOSSY and a number of area bloggers - whose names and URLs I neglected to get because I am lame.

It was fun - very chatty and very giggly.  LOTS of photos taken.  I, of course, did not bring my camera because the battery had died and I didn't recharge it and I forgot to grab the little camera my daughter is using.  I have some photos from my iPhone which I'll post later.  They are nice and blurry.

Today is rainy rainy rainy.  It's also the day that JEN LANCASTER is coming to down for a book signing.  I'm heading out soon to get my wristband and then I'll take the girl with me to the signing tonight.  She better not have any homework.

Also, the rain better end before her softball game this afternoon.  Yech.


  1. Hi Swirly Fabulous! Enjoyed meeting you last night. Loving your suniverse- will visit again- looking forward to hearing about Jen Lancaster- lucky you!

  2. How did your book signing go? I, too, forgot to get url's and such. But MomZombie got them and linked them to her Bossy post already.

    It was so great meeting you!


  3. Ladies, You are AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by!


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